Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Study says tobacco of "kill", excluding the rich and the poor

Study says tobacco of 'kill', excluding the rich and the poor Prior research has shown that usually the rich more than the poor health and longevity. But a British study shows that in comparison with revenues, the impact of tobacco for life even more.

The largest similar study showed that high-income years won Shouson could easily have been smoking on the health hazards of offset, while the female is usually more than men's life expectancy will be years away cigarettes.

According to Agence France-Presse reported that the British National Health Service Researchers'70s began two towns west of Scotland 15,000 45-year-old to 64 years follow-up survey residents. Researchers according to which social class and income level they are divided into 4 groups, and then the basis of gender, and smoking, smoking cessation groups or comparative analysis, came to this conclusion.

The study also proved that not many late to quit smoking than good to not quit smoking, and because data show that with the "smokers" in comparison. Life expectancy of former smokers and non-smokers closer.

Responsible for this study are of the view that: The study demonstrated that regardless of social status, cigarettes will cause harm to their users, and death.

The study published in the "British Medical Journal" on.

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EastCoastLife said...

There are more youths taking up smoking these days. Not a good sign.

laughingwolf said...

nasty habit, that tobacco :(

skywind said...

EastCoastLife saz... Youth smoking is a bad phenomenon.

laughingwolf saz... Hehe .... In any case, smoking is a very bad habit. :)

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