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Ten best methods to quit smoking

Ten best methods to quit smoking1, the elimination of tension:

Nervous working conditions are the main causes you to smoke it? If this is the case, then take away all the smoke around your appliances, change the working environment and work procedures. In the workplace, put some sugar-free chewing gum, fruit, fruit juices and mineral water, do a few short rest, to outdoor exercise exercise, exercise a few minutes on the line.

2, weight problem:

Quit smoking often gain weight after a marked increase in the general increase of 5-8 pounds. People to quit smoking will reduce the body's basic metabolic rate, and will eat more food to replace smoking, so people quit smoking gain weight after a short period of time will increase by a few kilograms, but can be through the strengthening of the body the exercise to deal with weight gain, because increased physical activity can speed up metabolism. The best snacks are fat-free food. In addition, drink plenty of water, so the stomach does not empty.

3, to strengthen the awareness of smoking cessation:

Clear objectives to change the working environment and the old habit of smoking, ex-smokers will take the initiative to think of determination not to smoke. Have this awareness, that is to quit after a few days of taste and smell will be better.

4, looking for alternatives:

Quit smoking after one of the main tasks are in the circumstances be tempted to find an alternative to non-smokers: Games to do some skills, so that two hands are not idle, through the brush to make mouth-smokers do not want to have a Taste , or through an exciting conversation to divert attention. If you enjoy drinking coffee every morning after the cigarette smoke, then you put a cup of coffee every morning Bicheng tea.

5, bet:

Some people have been smoking to quit smoking has been a good bet the experience of one of its effects are open to the public to stop smoking and get friends and colleagues support.

6, less take part in gatherings:

Just started to quit smoking to avoid the temptation of smoking. If you have a friend invite you to take part in a very good meeting, and take part in gatherings of people are smokers, then at least quit; early should politely refuse to participate in such gatherings until their date think that there is no smoking.

7, swimming, play football and washing steam bath:

Games often improve mood, dilute smoking, sports jittery nerves will calm down, and consume calories.

8, throw away smoking appliances:

Ashtrays, lighters and cigarettes would create incentives for ex-smokers, should put them all away.

9, to divert attention:

Especially in the early to quit smoking, spend more money will have to engage in some fun activities in order to shift the attention of smokers, not to like the evening is usually spent in front of the television like, you can go massage, listening to CD, on the Internet surfing, or with friends to discuss the stock market the phone.

10, with stand the test of re-smoking:

Quit smoking after quitting smoking does not equal failure, smoking cigarette after a mouthful or not "everything is too late," but to carefully analyze the reasons for re-smoking, to avoid future repetition.

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