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Sequelae of adenovirus pneumonia awareness

Adenovirus pneumonia is severe pneumonia in children during one of the case-fatality rate can be as high as 10%. Lower respiratory tract infection adenovirus survival 14% -60% have left over can be varying degrees of pulmonary sequelae. Acute phase of pneumonia and more serious, and its after-effects of the higher incidence. Adenovirus pneumonia often left over from the aftermath: obliterative bronchitis, transparent unilateral lung, bronchiectasis, interstitial fibrosis.

Bronchiolitis obliterans (BO), are from small airway inflammatory disease caused by chronic airflow obstruction clinical syndrome. Bronchiolitis obliterans is a pathological diagnosis. Lesion involving the bronchioles and alveolar duct, lung substance hardly affected.

Adenovirus infection of BO are the most common pathogen. Adenovirus bronchiolitis and mechanical ventilation for bronchiolitis obliterans in a strong, independent risk factors.

Adenovirus for DNA viruses, the infected body cell replication cycle, can cause cell lysis and death. Cause necrosis in the process, the neutral-type cells, inflammatory mediators also play an important role.

Children BO histological changes, can be divided into light to bronchiole bronchiolitis and fibrosis trachea was complete obstruction. Early aggressive treatment is therefore necessary to prevent the disease.

BO clinical manifestations in patients with chronic cough, dyspnea, poor exercise tolerance, weight may have three concave disease symptoms. Wheezing rale sustain wetlands are the most common signs. BO who sustained severe symptoms, many died of respiratory failure; survivors symptoms can be gradually reduced, reduced hospitalization, but the results of imaging examination without improvement.

Unilateral pulmonary transparent, also known as Swyer James Macleod syndrome, is a clinical, in patients with lung or lobe side (above) over bright, breath away when the gas reservoir Obviously, both the performance characteristics for small airway obstruction. Unilateral transparency was particularly prevalent in the lung after adenovirus pneumonia. Unilateral pulmonary essentially transparent to bronchiolitis obliterans, pulmonary vascular small impact on the outcome of lung development.

Clinical manifestations can be light weight, can be asymptomatic or coughing or wheezing. The lungs and wheezing could be heard the sound. Most of the children with unilateral lung transparent late diagnosis, some cases can be taken in the adult chest X-ray films was found by chance.

Bronchiectasis is a recurring bacterial infection and airway inflammation and airway tissue damage around the lead to irreversible airway expansion. Adenoviral pneumonia can also be left over from pulmonary fibrosis.

In the sequelae of adenovirus pneumonia, the obliterative bronchiolitis lesion-based, transparent Unilateral pulmonary its impact on the outcome of lung development, some bronchodilators may also be for obstructive bronchiolitis obliterans secondary infection results. Caused by adenovirus in children with severe pneumonia are common diseases of the original one. Therefore, the sequelae of adenovirus pneumonia required further attention.

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