Saturday, February 28, 2009

Red most likely to allow association to Sexual for Man

The United States a few days ago a study found that wearing red clothing on the opposite sex more attractive.

Studies have shown that this may be because the red trigger original instinct of the association. And found that women wear scarlet or dark red clothes, men and women want more appointments, and therefore more willing to spend more money on them.

The University of Rochester in New York by the United States study published in the "Journal of Personality and Social Psychology."

Study subjects give a so-called men watch the young woman looks mediocre photos, photos of her wearing clothes of different colors, including red, white, gray, green and so on.

More than 100 men, most of which are the University of Rochester Department of boys reading these photos and then ask them on how beautiful the women, many want to kiss them, many want to and their sexual relations, such as score. Even if the results are the same person, think of men wearing red more attractive to the donor.

Another batch of photos shows a woman wearing a shirt in different colors, red high-profile again. Men are willing to spend the money on red female, but also twice as many women wearing blue clothes.

Even if the outcome of the case, still insisted that Man clothing will not affect the color of their choice, which means that Man is not conscious to the charm of the red.

The study also found that men wear red for women are more attractive. Elliott said that this may be a very deep impact on the biological tendency of red preferences, is a product of evolution left behind.

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