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Male sexual health of three key number

Medical experts said that the spread in the male circles the "benchmarking" are fabricated by a lot of figure, not only NOT scientific, it may mislead the men. Then, the real figure, how are we doing?

ED length of more than 7.5 cm on the normal

Man of the length of the attitude and women of the same weight, I care about but do not want to tell others Forever. Secretly in private can only be compared to the end than the man simply walked into out-patient clinics, pushed open the door on the question: "My length not enough, how do?" Doctor One look, which told you that not enough? Longer than others do! Man is relieved, put away the "lifeblood."

"Lifeblood" How long before normal? The doctor said that penile erection to the penis from the pubic head distance of 7.5 cm can be achieved as long as the enjoyment of sexual pleasure.

"As long as the penis can be stimulated first, it will sexual pleasure, 7.5-centimeter-long penis erection sufficient to stimulate the clitoris, in order to bring women pleasure. And erectile 5-6 cm in length, and only get enough pleasure at will some difficulties. "

In that case, the length does not how to achieve what should be done? Doctor said: "is at puberty, because of lack of male hormone secretion caused by the penis of the male short, you can add androgen to promote development of the penis. However, the adult has been the lack of male hormone in patients on no better way."

Ejaculation shorter than 2 minutes to be premature ejaculation

In addition to measuring the length of private men did not forget to put a table. From the insertion start time, they think, want to wait until ejaculation for at least half an hour later, there is virtually no "mechanical failure"; 1 hours, if reached, is the real "man." But the doctor pointed out that in fact, 5% of the Male ejaculation time at 3-5 minutes, and 65% of people at 5-15 minutes. If one hours before ejaculation, it belong to "delayed ejaculation" the.

In that case, "premature ejaculation" concept, then what is it? A narrow sense, from the insertion to ejaculation is less than 2 minutes to be considered as "premature." Treatment methods include the use of drugs slow down nerve conduction velocity or lower sensitivity, such as.

90 degrees after the failed erection is ED

Self-testing, in addition to ruler and a stopwatch, a Man's heart is also required "a stealth set square," This is specialized measuring angles. Unfortunately, many men ignore this important indicator. Doctor pointed out that erectile angle with the body showed at least 90 degrees, otherwise, is ED (Erectile Dysfunction).

Point of view, represents the hardness. In general, the hardness can be divided into 4, para 1 of the penis such as soft as Konjac; No. 2 Although there is hardness, but still can not successfully engage in sexual acts, like are cooked soft, peeled banana; No. 3 skin class can be used to describe the soft bananas; only the first four representing the hardness only really satisfactory hardness, then the penis can be the same as cucumber completely firm.

Generally speaking, the three hardness can reach 90 degrees of it. However, in order to have a perfect sex, or as required cucumber strong hardness 4.

According to statistics, at married men, 34% exist in varying degrees of ED, most of which is a mild ED. Doctor said that mild ED, an appropriate adjustment can eliminate the physical and psychological symptoms; if it is slightly heavier ED, or at best under the guidance of a doctor for treatment, such as taking Viagra and other PDE5 inhibitors. "If there is regularly taking these drugs for some time, the majority of ED can be cured; However, if taking irregular, or want to eat up only eat once a month, the effect would look very bad."

Doctor pointed out that although the above-mentioned indicators can affect the quality of sexual life, but they are not necessarily the most important. "Sex life, should not the" length "and" time "comment on the hero. After all, a harmonious sexual life so as to enable both sides to meet the largest, including sexual life in the process of co-ordination between husband and wife will also include the exchange and understanding."

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