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Wrong idea of the six health

Wrong idea of the six healthEat more green leafy vegetables, drink 8 glasses of water every day ... ... for the health of these people or most people do not mistake, is a healthy idea, but because of exaggerated propaganda or the way people understood out of context, these ideas most likely to be misread .

American Journal of well-known health "prevention" pointed out in the past, we believe some of the concepts are not applicable to everyone. The article also a more comprehensive "correction" of this interpretation of the concept of six healthy way to see these ideas also fit you?

Misunderstood one idea: Walking is the simplest training method.

If you have heart disease, or living in a more serious air pollution in cities, better not easily walk away. Studies have shown that small particles in the air can increase the risk of a heart attack. Encountered weather clouds, they should as far as possible at the indoor activities, and open the air-conditioning - it allows a reduction in the level of indoor pollutants by 50%.

Misunderstood concepts bis: Swimming is the best way of aerobic training.

People suffering from asthma, please do not believe this argument, because the chlorine in swimming pools can trigger asthma attacks. In addition, parents do not want to under the age of 7-year-old child into a swimming pool allergy.

Misunderstood Idea three: should eat green leafy vegetables.

Are taking blood thinner warfarin people, it is best not to intake too much in a day of green leaf vegetables. Warfarin is a block of functional vitamin K activity, so as to avoid thrombosis. And spinach, green leaf lettuce and other vegetables rich in vitamin K, eat more will affect the efficacy.

Misunderstood Idea four: every day 8 glasses of water to drink enough.

University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine study said that a study can not prove that the level of an average healthy person should drink 1.6 liters a day (about 8 cups) water. The United States National Health and Nutrition Survey showed that nearly 20% of the body of water through food intake. Excessive drinking will destroy the body of water and salt balance, and cause "water intoxication", and they may even cause death. If you find yourself urine color变淡on water intake has been sufficient.

Misunderstood Idea Friday: Once found in some high blood pressure, they think we should drop the lower the better.

Blood pressure dropped to 120/80 mm Hg, it can help reduce risk of heart attack or stroke probability. However, a target of 22,000 patients with coronary heart disease studies have shown that diastolic blood pressure to 70 mm Hg below even the death of a heart attack one-fold increase in probability.

Misunderstood Concept 6: complete nutrition from food.

To love people who are vegetarian, some essential nutrients can only be resolved through taking nutritional additives to achieve, such as vitamin D and vitamin B12, etc.. If you often feel weak all over, it is best to check, look are not iron deficiency.

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