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What kind of underwear for men the greatest temptation

Half a century ago the sexy goddess Marilyn Monroe, is at her skirt fans-hyun, the in the end there is no underwear, man was the most "sexual" high mining strong topic, therefore, a woman's most mysterious underpants, it seems to contain a strong sexually suggestive, which might well have been an open secret!

Women's self-inner desire to be conservative in most low-key manner and attitude, not knowing, but unconsciously, at the conditions, by their intimate underwear, will be deep in the hearts of most of sexual desire, and even look forward to and what kind of men make love the thought are naked and exposed a vent!
What kind of underwear for men the greatest temptation
Floret cell prints underwearCute type: prints underwear. This type of women are less assertive belong to a small woman, for love or have sex with another look afraid of the psychological hurt, hesitant to try, things are slightly touch, very conservative and self-restraint.
Black lace underwearTemptation type: black lace underpants are A basic feature film Actress. This because most aroused male underwear original impulse, so that men can not resist sexual temptation. So enjoy wearing black lace underwear woman, the subconscious of hope to conquer the male, sexual passion. Enjoy the warm ML bold way, and even look forward to a taste of the joy on a clandestine love affair, favorite to become the focus of attention of a Man!
White cotton briefsHealthy: white cotton briefs. Belong to this type of woman Keren bright and lively child. Pursue enjoy the sun-like life, high self-expectations, and strive to practice their own goals. For the other half of the request, hope that he is a free and easy, positive, and progressive men, wants to have a solid steady income, but also required by his thick body clinging tightly feeling!
Gold flash underwear fabricActive: Chromic Department of underpants. This type at the subconscious of women do not enjoy consciously take the initiative and look forward to guide each other into their own mind or body. Simply, are such a generous woman in common, and must not tolerate a male chauvinist style.
Decorative bow in the underwearRomantic type: pink underwear line. Also pleasing gentle sweet woman of this type are common manifestations of the ML is full of romantic fantasy and conservative shy modesty likes tender love and sweet kisses, then, look forward to the arrival of handsome Prince Charming and romantic to enjoy all their own.
Road hole put underwear to wear is also reluctant to throw away the women, she almost burst the illusion of love.Submissive type: damaged underpants. Road hole put underwear to wear is also reluctant to throw away the women, she almost burst the illusion of love. Even to the sex, like routine, like eating, NOT on the toilet like the feeling of life fate has taken a conservative mentality. Enjoy the blame on others, are also not satisfied with the status quo, is a very contradictory type.
Spacious relaxation wear women's underwear has long been the lack of sex mysteryProsaic Type: generous relaxation of the underpants. This type of woman for sex has long been the lack of mystery, not the requirements of the partners must want him in a romantic atmosphere or odor in Xiangxiang. Although occasionally a very pleasant, but the lack of romantic feeling. This type of women for their appearance easier because not bother to dress up and become very casual.

Hot bold type: Do not wear underwear. Bold, strong, fast women of this type are the subconscious mind, enjoy a variety of novel ways Fiat. Whether homosexual or bisexual, there are full of curiosity, do not love bound by traditional morality, wild passion to express themselves is a hot woman make people suffocation.

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