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Distinguish between natural woman sex moaning

At the process of sexual life, some women will issue a call in varying degrees. For such calls, and some men to adopt the attitude of joy and the voice of female sexual excitement as a criteria for judging the extent of. This calls for a public disgusted with the male are minimal.

But there are a lot of people secretly whispered in mind, just listen to a prostitute or slut that will wave and shout loud gas, good conduct of women will be called out loud how come?

In fact, this is a completely biased, or are the result of a lack of common sense. Indeed, prostitutes and people yelling intentional sexual intercourse, exaggerated manner the performance of their own sexual response. This is, however, the skills of a profession, not really have had a pleasure.

Other women with a prostitute is totally different, they issued a call is able to completely reach orgasm are generated excitement due to the natural feelings are completely exposed, correction is not rubbing affectation.

Groan of sex, for both sides to share the joy of the spring women's apartment has very graceful stimuli. In particular, women are constantly using the phrase law and overlapping the "interjection" Man not only sounds particularly enchanting music "accompaniment", and even make a Man emotional boost, speed up the arrival of orgasm.

On the physiology, the issue of women in the sex calls have two reasons.

The first reason is that near or reach orgasm, the blood oxygen content will be reduced.

At this time, women will be plunged into a state of mild hypoxia, which showed absence eyes, blurred vision, mild cramps and other physical series of so-called "symptoms of sexual climax." Reduced blood oxygen content, carbon dioxide will be a relative increase, therefore, is bound to speed up breathing. Disordered breathing to speed up one, it will naturally issue of the height of unique sounds boring.

The second reason is that the approach of orgasm, the female brain "excited substances" will be correspondingly increased.

About this "exciting material," people recognize it is still very limited, but already know it can make sense of vague, and there is the lifting of the role of inhibitory brain. This role will be to dilute women's sensible, and issued their own calls are unimaginable. Whether or not some women out of their own voices too, has no knowledge of hindsight. It can be seen that call at the time of sex is a completely spontaneous physiological phenomenon, and women's moral character is irrelevant. In this area have concerns and doubts about the men, they can lay down their hearts.

However, things can not be generalized. Of course people want by physiological factors, but ultimately want the admissibility of control. There is a lot of women in the sex, the point is not sent to the voice, that is, consciously to strengthen the control results. So definitely can not say that the female voice is naturally EXILE. But can not see that that is not issued by the voices of women are more serious because of sexual repression, or more orthodox sexual attitudes reasons.Or they are living at an early age of sexual strict blockade environment, or are suffering from the influence of the concept of legitimacy, of the formation of a strong sense of shame, in this area formed a correct self-sustaining personality. Needless to say, to involve them in practice, that is, someone talked about this topic, they will immediately shy had heated. Such women in the process of sexual contact, not to say that there is no pleasure, that is, there is pleasure, resulting in a shouting impulse, but also tried to put it down

There are other women, sex when at the call also has little to do with the physiological reasons, and with them there is the relationship between temperament. Such women are often sent great sounds boring, a lot is false, and accompanied by an exaggeration of expression, modern scientific research has confirmed that most of these women have a hysterical personality. They often have demonstrated a strong desire for self-existence, they would be shouting, with a view to get their attention, get more caressing. Such women have a sudden want to vent, just shouting can be used as a means to vent.

Someone has not called pleasure, it was not pleasure but loudly called, these two women can not prove the existence and the moral call and have people contact, but it makes that call think the greater the higher the degree of pleasure argument falls away. According to the study that calls the size and excitement not only in direct proportion to the extent, but inversely proportional. This shows that the size of a call as a sign of the extent of women's excited, which is very reliable.

But in real life, the majority of couples in sex activity in only use their own body, "this instrument" - Her instrument is his body and his instrument is her body. Even though they are never-ending music this tireless efforts to make love to temper their art, with a view to enhance and improve the quality of life and the couple level, unfortunately, the couple as a means of obtaining sexual harmony, happy, happy little person. Since both neglected or forgotten "functional body" This enormous artistic treasure house. Such as the voice of the impact of sex, it can stir up sexual life couple at the blazing passion, can also undermine the couple's strong "sex" Fun.

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