Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The researchers published methods of inducing cancer cell suicide

The researchers published methods of inducing cancer cell suicideFrench researchers published studies indicate that people can use a molecular "bait" to simulate the DNA damage, thereby promoting cancer cells to commit suicide.

Doctors often use chemotherapy and radiation therapy damage to cancer cells, thereby causing programmed cell death. However, for some time, these therapies give cancer cells the extent of the damage caused by not enough to provoke programmed cell death, while cancer cells can survive under the self-repair, so that the course of treatment to no avail.

To deal with this situation, Paris, France, Marie Curie Research Institute Teles led researchers to create small DNA fragments, copying the genetic code at both ends of the double helix structure of damaged, so that those stubborn cancer cells that they suffer serious , thereby "committing suicide", that is, programmed cell death.

The research results were published in the latest issue of the United States, "Clinical Cancer Research" on. The researchers said that a number of malignant tumors are resistant to conventional therapy, this study has opened up a new deal with malignant road.

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