Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Study found that red wine does not help prevent breast cancer

Moderate drinking of red wine on the human body has many health benefits, but the prevention of breast cancer for women, the wine is harmful substances. This is the United States Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center's latest research findings.

The study's first author Pauley Newcomb said that some studies have shown that red wine help prevent heart disease and prostate cancer, but now she's Leaders Group found that red wine does not help prevent breast cancer.

Newcomb said in a statement: "We found that, like red wine and white wine will increase the risk of female breast cancer, both in this respect there is no difference."

The researchers investigated a total of more than 6300 women with breast cancer and 7,500 healthy women over the drinking habits. They come to the conclusion that if women drink more than 14 cups a week, whether they are drinking red wine, white wine or beer, the chance of developing breast cancer than non-drinkers to increase 24%. The researchers therefore suggest that women must be moderate drinkers, not to exceed a glass every day.

This research has been published in the March issue of the United States, "Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention" magazine.

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Pouty Lips said...

Well it's very good to know that drinking my one small glass per day won't kill me. Otherwise I'd have to pout.

Gran said...

All things in moderation is the key here, I think!

skywind said...

Pouty Lips, Drinking is not a big problem. Mainly on how to control themselves.

skywind said...

Yes, your argument is right. Gran.

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