Thursday, March 5, 2009

Research on sterilization of plastic that can be avoided for women infected with HIV

Research on sterilization of plastic that can be avoided for women infected with HIVSouth African Medical Research Council (MRC), said a research report published by the AIDS virus (HIV) prevention research department for more than 3,000 women conducted by a period of 3 and a half years of clinical studies have shown that a woman named PRO2000 bactericidal adhesive can be used effective in enabling women to avoid contracting HIV, This is the world's first human clinical trials have proved that the sterilization of plastic to prevent HIV transmission from men to women.

Bactericidal plastic is a dedicated women's jelly, foam-like or cream-like pharmaceutical, women having sex at the former use of the sterilization of plastic, can prevent infection HIV. At present, the world's HIV-infected persons, women occupy half; Sub-Saharan Africa in adult HIV-infected persons, women occupy 60%.

From February 2005 to September 2008, from South Africa, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Zambia and the United States five countries 3099 women participated in the clinical trials. Test is divided into 4 groups, 2 groups have separately the use of sterilization and disinfection of plastic BufferGel plastic PRO2000 (0.5% dose) and group 2 separately using the console as well as the non-use of plastic as compared bactericidal plastic. The results show that, BufferGel basically not serve any role in the prevention of HIV infection, and PRO2000 can make 30 percent decline in HIV infection.

MRC South Africa, HIV prevention, research director, Professor Kitariko Ramji said: "The scientists have been looking for a can to protect women, fundamentally the number of new HIV infection in a safe and effective sterilization of plastic, after ten years of research, we finally see dawn. PRO2000 carried out against the tests showed that the use of bactericidal plastic to prevent the spread of HIV is feasible. "

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