Saturday, February 28, 2009

Red most likely to allow association to Sexual for Man

The United States a few days ago a study found that wearing red clothing on the opposite sex more attractive.

Studies have shown that this may be because the red trigger original instinct of the association. And found that women wear scarlet or dark red clothes, men and women want more appointments, and therefore more willing to spend more money on them.

The University of Rochester in New York by the United States study published in the "Journal of Personality and Social Psychology."

Study subjects give a so-called men watch the young woman looks mediocre photos, photos of her wearing clothes of different colors, including red, white, gray, green and so on.

More than 100 men, most of which are the University of Rochester Department of boys reading these photos and then ask them on how beautiful the women, many want to kiss them, many want to and their sexual relations, such as score. Even if the results are the same person, think of men wearing red more attractive to the donor.

Another batch of photos shows a woman wearing a shirt in different colors, red high-profile again. Men are willing to spend the money on red female, but also twice as many women wearing blue clothes.

Even if the outcome of the case, still insisted that Man clothing will not affect the color of their choice, which means that Man is not conscious to the charm of the red.

The study also found that men wear red for women are more attractive. Elliott said that this may be a very deep impact on the biological tendency of red preferences, is a product of evolution left behind.

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PRO2000 gel may be the prevention of AIDS

With a new large-scale test results, over the prevention of HIV microbicide gel to reduce the performance of a number of dark clouds.

Scientists said the study provides many points of "strong indications" show that the PRO 2000 gel may protect users from infection. However, these results are not completely sure.

The test compared the two types of gel in preventing HIV through sexual transmission from men to women in regard to the merits, before that, Carraguard gel test fails, the result was published last year.

That test led critics to speculate the road in front of the prevention of AIDS vaccines are, or are gel with anti-retroviral drugs combinations.

In this latest experiment, the South African Medical Research Council in February 2005 to September 2008 in Malawi, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe and the United States, seven sites have recruited more than 3000 women.

The study compared the BufferGel, PRO 2000, a placebo gel and do not use any gel.

4 In this group, the lowest AIDS infection is the use of PRO 2000 gel group, it shows a 30% protective effect. This did not meet was considered statistically significant 33% target.

There is also evidence that, for those who frequently use this gel and those who rarely use condoms, the effect is 78%.

These are all means of intervention can not prevent other sexually transmitted diseases or pregnancy.

"PRO 2000 is the result of 10 years after the study is the first time prompted microbicide products are used in AIDS prevention is feasible," the South African Medical Research Council, director of AIDS prevention department, the head of the experimental study of Gita Ramjee said.

"This is the first time in a hope that one day we will have a female-led AIDS prevention choices. This is microbicides and prevention of ... ... as well as the independence and autonomy of women are enormous step."

"We have no proof has been a microbicide," KwaZulu - Natal University, Professor Salim Karim said. Karim in Montreal, Canada at the 16th Retrovirus and Opportunistic Infections meeting announced the findings of the study.

"We have are the things looked hopeful."

Now scientists are waiting by the British Medical Research Council to conduct a more large-scale study of PRO 2000, its results will be announced in December 2009.

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Female body mass index number of the most sexy?

Standard formula for calculating body mass: body mass index (BMI) = weight (kg) / height (m) square

More and more women lose weight, but health experts suggest that is not the more the better thin, sexy body required a considerable proportion of weight and height.

British Journal of Cosmetology famous "body image", said a study on the well-known star David Beckham's wife Victoria's body were considered to be too thin, not much has been appraised as "attractive"; sexy body does not mean to have what Yan stars Michael Jordan as tall, and the necessary weight and height of the "golden ratio."

British health experts to study the summary found, Body Mass Index is the key index sexy.

Prior research has said that the ratio of waist and hip are the most important factor in sexy. However by 700 British and Malaysian-depth investigation and analysis, health experts believe that the assessment of body mass index is a key figure sexy index than waist-hip ratio and more sensitive response to changes in female body.Is generally believed that a normal body mass index to between 18-25, overweight as body mass index between 25-30, obesity body mass index of 30 or more. When the description of height and weight as a proportion of body mass index 20.85, it means that he is the sexiest women. "So fertility of women must pay attention to their own fertility has been the yardstick." Expert suggested. However, above the standard for men is not practical on.

The researchers also said that different countries for the sexy people have some slight differences, but did not fundamentally different.

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Away from the 17 kinds of "poisonous" Living

"Home is not the most safe places, toxic substances lurking everywhere." King of the University of London, UK Department of Environmental Science, Professor Stephen Smith to accept the "Daily Mail" pointed out an interview. He also listed 17 kinds of everyday household items, and each give a relatively safe alternative.

1, most air fresheners contain phenol. The human body after inhalation, will have breathing difficulties and headaches, and irritates the eyes. After contact with skin, but also may lead to peeling and trigger measles.

Alternatives: to use natural methods of fresh air, plants such as custody, or placed grapefruit skin.

2, the majority of bleaching agent contains a chemical called sodium hypochlorite, it is highly corrosive, will release a toxic gas with a pungent, excessive exposure may damage the lungs and hair. Bleach and ammonia products (used in household cleaning agent) at the same time the use of particularly dangerous, because the two chemical reactions occur, releasing chlorine gas.

Alternatives: it is difficult for some wash stain can be used repeatedly wipe lemon.

3, artificial carpets contain volatile organic compounds, most of that long-term exposure may cause allergic diseases.

Alternative: buy the use of natural fibers such as wool, cotton, carpets made of.

4, washing liquid and detergent containing sodium carbonate and phosphate, are prone to allergic reactions.

Alternatives: to use phosphate-free products.

5, many electrical appliances, such as television, computers and electric blanket, usually containing bromine flame agent. Bromine flame agent released into the air, there may be inhaled, but not easily eliminated from the body. At present, the bromine flame agent has been confirmed that mice can lead to abortion, in Sweden and other European countries is disabled.

Alternatives: to use hot water bags in lieu of installed electric blanket; put appliances out of the bedroom and avoid inhalation of bromine in sleep agent fire.

6, much to clean the windows clean powder, containing special ammonia odor, which would stimulate and corrosion of the skin, eyes and lungs causing discomfort. Long-term contact with ammonia, but also cause liver damage.

Alternatives: two tablespoons of vinegar, was on a liter of hot water, then dip the wet cloth after the glass.

7, various studies have shown that the hair dye through the scalp can absorb into the body. Earlier, the European Commission banned 22 kinds of chemical products for the hair.

Alternatives: natural is beautiful trust. (Smile)

8, home furnace fire will produce dioxins. University of Leuven in Belgium, a study showed that frequent use of fire furnace adolescents, their testicles or breasts of young people than in other areas much smaller.

Alternative: to avoid the fire at home.

9, according to American Academy of Dermatology to a new study shows that nickel-containing jewelry, jewelry may cause contact dermatitis.

Alternatives: try to wear gold or platinum jewelry made.

10, toilet cleaners usually contain naphthalene, such toxic substances will stimulate the skin, eyes and respiratory tract. After inhaling a large number of human liver and kidney will be damaged.

Alternatives: to 250 ml white vinegar poured into the pool will be the next day brush again.

11, nail polish cleaners usually contain acetone solvent, prolonged use can lead to headaches and mental confusion.

Alternatives: not applied nail polish, and naturally do not have a cleaning agent.

12, plastic toys might contain phthalate. An American study found that long-term exposure to phthalate esters can cause genital malformations.

Alternatives: selection of a number of wooden toys.

13, shoe polish containing nitrobenzene, with the central nervous system toxicity, can cause headaches and drowsiness.

Alternative: use cotton dipped in olive oil, plus a few drops of lemon juice, applied in the shoes on, after a few minutes to clean.

14, cosmetics usually contain some toxic chemicals, such as skin care emulsion of xylene are the risk factors lead to abortion.

Alternatives: look for environmentally friendly packaging, logo, identifying its components.

15, like all the cleaning products, hand-washing liquid contains a surfactant called chemical substances, such substances can produce a bubble. Can also cause skin moisture loss, so that they are dry, rough.

Alternatives: the use of organic products.

16, fiber sheets may contain formaldehyde. This substance can stimulate the skin and respiratory tract, and can never be cleaned.

Alternatives: to make full use of 100 percent cotton sheets.

17, antidandruff shampoo usually contains anti-fungal ingredients, one of the most commonly used is pyridine sulfur copper and zinc, which may give rise to sensitive skin.

Alternatives: try to use olive oil hair massage 10 minutes.

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Friday, February 27, 2009

Traffic noise may increase the risk of myocardial infarction onset

Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Switzerland a few days ago a study found that living in quiet areas as compared to life in a road traffic noise near the people more susceptible to myocardial infarction. The study will be published in the March issue of "Epidemiology" magazine.

Research selected for 1571 in 1992 and 1994 patients suffering from myocardial infarction in Stockholm people as research subjects. Near residential areas in order to determine the traffic noise and myocardial infarction whether or not there exists a natural link between the researchers of their living environment and noise level of the evaluation. At the same time, air pollution, and other pathogenic factors have been considered in the design of questionnaires and interviews with them.

The researchers found that data from an overall point of view, between noise exposure and myocardial infarction and no specific relevance. However, when the hearing-impaired, as well as other noise sources come into contact with the crowd after the removal, the researchers found that long-term exposure to traffic noise over 50 db of people suffering from heart attack risk than living in the quiet environment of higher 40%. The conclusions apply to, such as air pollution and other risk factors exist.

Responsible for the research, Professor Göran Pacirn said: "The Stockholm local council has taken into account the results of the application of new roads and residential areas of planning, we will study the next step on road traffic noise and myocardial infarction between relevance in a more reasonable explanation, but first and foremost based on the impact of noise on the cardiovascular system awareness, such as noise and the relationship between high blood pressure. "

Noise has become an increasingly serious environmental problems. According to WHO statistics, Europe has almost 40%% of the population are exposed to daylight in more than 55 decibels of which road traffic noise. In traffic noise, Europe has not any restrictive clauses, while in Switzerland, the streets may be acceptable to the largest 55 decibels of noise.

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To avoid the seven husband and wife quarrel with disabilities

Each couple will quarrel, how to minimize the chances of this quarrel? Look at the experts give suggestions:

1. Go to sleep when angry

Forget those who want to solve the problem before going to bed that allows a party to go to bed. The study found, go to bed are the best choice to solve the problem, because it can straighten out the idea of a partner, another election to solve the problem of time, perhaps then there is no problem so serious.

2. A short break

Even 30 seconds of rest will also help quell the anger, the experts recommended that: out of the room, such as the two sides to calm down again and so on contact.

3. The courage to admit their mistakes

Expert recommendations: admit their actions can prevent your partner flying into a rage, and look for the sake of each other. Although it is difficult to do so, but very effective.

4. Try to humor you

Perhaps the beginning it is very difficult to do so, but a pair of married couples 23 years of this method is applied successfully.

5. Caress

When in any way can not solve the problem, as long as the grip of each other's hands on it. Touching is very important for solving the problem.

6. The prohibition of "buts"

Always a lot of couples in each other's points of view try to admit at the same time, add "but" to reiterate their point of view. Expert recommendations: prohibit: "But."

7. Remember what is most important

In fact, marriage consists of three parts: his wife, a husband and marriage. We should try to take into account the "three of us." Experts consider: recognizing that there is no perfect marriage is also important, one of a row is a part of.

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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Women with coronary heart disease should not be ignored

Modern women, in-service field while at the same time strive to be a good wife, good mother, and therefore should have a healthy heart. Unfortunately, the current women with coronary heart disease health education is far from enough, leading to coronary heart disease has become the primary killer of women's health!

In 2007 the heart of Europe will publish the latest research shows that women with coronary heart disease mortality was significantly higher than men. Traditional view was that the incidence in women than in men 10 years later, myocardial infarction, approximately 10-15 years. Now gender trends in coronary heart disease are getting younger, especially those associated with smoking, essential hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidemia and other risk factors in patients with early age at onset of more obvious. Survey shows that American women 45 years of age with heart disease every year 9000 people annually.

Clinical symptoms of coronary heart disease for women than a lot of the typical male. Abnormal fatigue is often an important precursor of coronary heart disease for women. For acute coronary syndrome, male patients often complaining of chest pain, and for many women with symptoms of back pain and sweat. Male patients with acute myocardial infarction to squeeze many of the performance of chest pain, women are the main v. shortness of breath, extreme fatigue, with or without typical chest pain, including the abdomen, neck and shoulder pain and nausea. Senior citizens and women with a history of diabetes occurred in asymptomatic myocardial infarction than men. In addition, women with coronary heart disease than men more vulnerable to the impact of seasonal changes, increased incidence of autumn and winter, complications and mortality than men.

Postmenopausal women, often autonomic dysfunction, easy to interfere with the diagnosis of women with coronary heart disease, leading to missed diagnosis, early treatment of the time delay. Correct diagnosis of myocardial infarction in women with 40% less than men.

In addition to traditional risk factors, the lower socio-economic status and work pressure will increase the number of women with coronary heart disease risk. In addition, the women through the sport increased high-density lipoprotein cholesterol and lose weight the effect of significantly better than men, menopause is an independent risk factor.

Prognosis of coronary heart disease in women and men have the distinction. Women with unstable angina better prognosis than men. And transmural myocardial infarction, although the incidence of women than men, but a poor prognosis. If ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction, women are more vulnerable to congestive heart failure, bleeding and paroxysmal atrial fibrillation, malignant ventricular arrhythmia, and even complications such as ventricular rupture.

This shows that women suffering from coronary heart disease is more dangerous than men, so more should pay attention to a healthy lifestyle. Once diagnosed, treatment should be actively medication, when patients with acute coronary syndrome, etc., in the absence of contraindications as early as possible under the premise of the purposes of percutaneous coronary intervention.

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Home health, the details of the four can not be ignored

Forever Fashion and aesthetics are designed to pursue the subject at home, but health is more important. For their own homes to carry out the process of dress, health must not overlook the details, please refer to the following details:

1, Bathroom ventilation the most important

Bathroom where the accumulation of moisture easily, so ventilation is very important. Ming has a window to choose the best Guardian. If the dark room are, for hygiene not moldy, not long-haired, there is no influx of insects crawling everywhere, apart from a power installed, and the performance of good exhaust fan, you should pay attention to avoid the "package", especially in places near the ground . Many people enjoy the pipe very close pack, or simply to be following in the washbasin lockers, the results of moisture was not wrapped in loose inside out, not hygiene.

In addition, the wet room is easy for fungus to breed, breeding, induced respiratory disease. So, wet to dry and then Add Dunbur room; to maintain the smooth flow of sewage; ground open exhaust fan.

2, green plants indispensable

Room ventilation in addition to the regular windows, but also need to raise some green plants, such as aloe vera, green radish, tiger piran and so on, these plants can be good to absorb toxic gases interior, clean air. Moreover, green radish, cactus can absorb, such as induction cooker, computer and other electrical appliances radiation, therefore, raise a number of similar plants are many advantages. However, attention should be paid to the house should not raise too many flowers. Too many flowers will damage the environment and the overall sense, not only difficult to play a role in regulating mood, but also easily lead to visual fatigue.

3, a good selection of curtains to sleep

Every morning was always reluctant to wake up the sun, the flowing curtains that can bring beauty to sleep since then is no longer easy. How do? Not as good as another bedroom curtains give it. Flocking curtain fabric relatively thick, sound-absorbing, sunscreen effect; selection of red, black curtains help with sleep as soon as possible.

4, or buy furniture Samples

Samples of furniture placed in the air for a long time, formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances released more thorough; Samples real wood is the use of many materials, some manufacturers will be in addition to formaldehyde treatment.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Apical Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Analysis

Apical hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (AHCM) hypertrophic cardiomyopathy are a special type, less common clinical, ECG changes and coronary heart disease have similarities, the majority of patients with no symptoms or the lack of specific symptoms and signs, easily lead to misdiagnosis and misdiagnosis.

AHCM confined to apical hypertrophy, the former apical wall is particularly evident, the most thick in addition to up to 14-32mm. Most occurred in the male, often a family history, is now considered are autosomal dominant genetic disease, sarcomere contractile protein gene mutations are the main pathogenic factors.

The early symptoms of mild disease, in late may have heart palpitations, chest tightness, chest pain, exertional dyspnea and hair force performance.

This disease diagnosed mainly based on ECG, echocardiography and left ventricular angiography. Echocardiography is currently the most widely and was considered the most AHCM has diagnostic value of screening methods, the specificity at 90%. Its diagnostic criteria: 1. Hypertrophy confined to the left ventricular myocardium papillary muscles below apex, free wall thickness> 16mm. 2. Septal and left ventricular cavity expanding.

Misdiagnosed because: 1. Echocardiography inherent shortcoming: because of restrictions by the window, as well as in patients with obesity or adjacent lung tissue, such as the impact of echocardiography can not happen when enough of the echo may be missed. 2. Not timely echocardiography and left ventricular angiography.

AHCM because no dynamic left ventricular outflow and cardiac infarction interior pressure gradient exists, the impact on cardiac hemodynamics less favorable prognosis, the annual fatality rate of only 0.1 percent, 15-year survival rate of 95%.

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Concept of face to know the health

Have heard so many words have said that "after 40 years of age, on the face of their own in charge", in fact, this is a wrong concept. Correct should be "20-year-old from the beginning, on the face of their own in charge."

No matter who has a small sweet face. However, in the growth process, because of the surrounding environment and lifestyle of different characteristics to form the different face. Especially after a 25-year-old, the face will begin to show to reflect the state of their own health symptoms. From a personal physical fitness to the body organ disorders, life problems, such as irregular work and rest, will face one one now.

In particular, the original owner whether you are young and good-looking face, however, if the bad habits, eyes surrounded by dark color can easily precipitate hair would lose their luster. Once the case, even if the facial features and then exciting precincts beauty, gives the first impression is the "old state" only.

These are not unfounded. We are very naturally from a person's face, presumably out of each other's spirit, health status and daily routines are normal.

Although mentioned in front of the face can convey a different impression to each other, but we face was not for the others in order to appreciate its existence. Face, originally belong to their "own" part. Face every morning, you do not have a good observation from the mirror in their face change?

Face the situation will be in accordance with the basis of the daily changes in mood and have said that. Sometimes feel that they have the spirit of looking, on the contrary, may sometimes feel that they face no inglorious.

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

To explain the strange phenomenon of the human body in six

Life, our bodies will always be some strange reaction, such as goose bumps, such as eyelids kept beating. A few days ago, American medical scientist in the ABC Web site published an article on the human body six kinds of strange phenomena have been explained.

1, why would goose bumps. When the body is cold or fear, the body will have a layer of goose bumps, this is because the root hairs in each of the following are a small muscle, called muscle erect hair. When they shrink, they will highlight the skin surface of a small bulge at the same time, the above will also be erected hairs.

Some warm dress, let himself in a quiet environment and avoid the shock, can reduce the production of goose bumps.

2, cut onion tears. Cut the onion releases an enzyme, resulting in irritation of the gas, at this time, the brain will send a signal to the lacrimal gland, it to create more tears to flush out these gases in order to avoid burns to the eyes. "This is the body's response to a self-protection," the United States University of Wisconsin-Madison horticulture professor pointed out that Dr. Gao Man.

To alleviate the discomfort, after cutting onions can be frozen before, because at low temperature can slow down the release of the enzyme. In addition, the onion at the bottom of the enzyme containing the most, you can then cut this part.

3, the activities of the joints when the noise. Events joints, such as hand finger joints, and sometimes will hear "pa" bang, this is because in the joint cavity, there are some starting fluid lubrication in which the gas has dissolved. When the activities of the joints when these gases from the liquid squeezed out, so sound.

Although regular hand finger joints will not cause arthritis, but the decline in grip strength, should give up this habit.

4, shed tears after laughing. Experts have not yet found the exact reason, the only possible explanation is that tears and laughter are similar psychological reactions, both of which occurred in the strong emotional comes, will continue for some time, we can not that "open" means "only" . It is usually linked to tears and sorrow, in fact, tears are a very complex human response, pain, sadness, even tears will be extremely happy.

Studies have proved that laughter and tears can ease the pressure, so that when又哭up after laughing, which is pieces of lucky things.

5, eyelid bounce. And nerve conduction abnormalities, causing eyelid muscles happen minor tic. The study found that systemic fatigue, tension, eye fatigue, malnutrition, caffeine, excessive alcohol consumption will increase the occurrence of eyelid jump.

Fortunately, the eyelid is usually not a big jump problem, you can ease their own.

6, increases with age, the ear is also growing. From the United Kingdom Royal College of Physicians research has shown, from one born outside the human body on the auricle in a state of rapid growth continued until around the age of 10, after which annual growth rate of 0.22 millimeters. Other studies also showed that earlobe itself is also growing, the male than female earlobe. Bone and cartilage by the composition of the inner ear is long.

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Let a Man relaxing corner of 10

More and more men, willing to listen to their inner voice, and is willing to admit their own and women have the same emotions. However, they still cautious, as it deems most secure "private space", its own.

1. Car

Analogy will be a lot of people, cars are a Man's "concubine", Mounts greasily and privacy. The door shut on no one can disturb. Drive can also go to any place want to go to fully satisfy the desires of men want to move.

2. Bed

Besides, the bed can also be a lot of things to do. A lot of people will listen to bedtime music or highlight points book, it may

3. TV

TV remote control like a strong power, click on the change of Units 1, but also for the world. Off after the Man can be seen from the remote control switch was a little grasp of the excitement, but also from sitting staring, the mood relaxed.

4. Network

Network illusory world, the modern men are only enjoyed by "private space", whether it is anonymous Internet Make friends, or travel in a variety of different websites, This is a Man feel relaxed yet stimulating place.

5. Office of the staircase

When the job came when the pressure of an avalanche, stairs or kitchen became a Man's "private space", whether it's chat or a cup of coffee can immediately relax, conversion mood is the best place.

6. Gym or sports grounds

Men are full of action camp, running or weight training, you can completely do not need to speak, but also quietly immersed in their own world, at the same time, physical activity, relieve stress.

7. Bookstore

A wide range of books or magazines, Men's attention can be shifted temporarily from their own problems in isolation out. Books provided by the knowledge, but also are a source of intelligent Man. Therefore, the bookstore is the place they love, especially the 24-hour large-scale bookstores, so forget a lot of Man.

8. Bar

American likes to open a bartender jokes, jokes that they are a psychotherapist, because each of the men got into the bar, in the few yellow belly soup cans, the mind on the endless stream of it. Alcohol, of course, a Man can relax.

9. "Three warm" or spa Men

Men are very fond of washing "three warm", but also the courage to try new Man spa. Seems a lot of room for people to live together, but it is the washing of all, the bubble of all, the non-aggression. Men enjoy Madadayo up in smoke, think different thoughts, washed three water temperature, but also wash away the fatigue of one.

10. Him want to go any place

May place a child growing up, or it may be a particular context of space, to where he can relax, emotional stability.

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Monday, February 23, 2009

In the bathroom frequently to see the health of Misunderstanding

American Cancer famous scientist Dr. Gao Si Mann pointed out: "much of modern family hygiene supplies should be cause for alarm, because they contain cancer-causing chemicals!"

By Dr. Gao Si Cayman listed first are the people can not be separated from the toilet paper every day. He said that many of toilet paper for recycled paper in order to beautify the appearance, the majority of toilet paper added dyes, including fluorescent whitening agent or talcum powder. Color more white toilet paper, you may add more fluorescent whitening agent or talcum powder. These additives contain many compounds benzene; some poor quality toilet paper, but also contain formaldehyde, E. coli, hepatitis viruses. These substances with long-term skin contact may lead to leukemia and cancer. Therefore, in the purchase of toilet paper, we have to choose the quality of reliable, without bleaching the toilet paper, paper and then rinse with warm water better.

Many families now enjoy in the room put a box of incense to make the environment clean and pleasant. However, these fragrance chemicals are also compounds, may also be induced carcinogenesis. Dr. Gao Si Cayman recommended not to put the best room deodorant, want to keep the air fresh, one can always use the exhaust fan or window.

Most families have to use disinfectant, such as cleaning supplies, and often placed in the living room corner or room. After evaporation of their often substantial accumulation of harmful gases. Hot water shower in the bathroom, its toxicity on the stronger. Some disinfectant also containing p-dichlorobenzene, will stimulate the respiratory tract, so that cells induced variation, leukemia, lung cancer. Not so these hygiene supplies stacked in a corner or room where, on a better air ventilation Units more appropriate, sealed for good.

Home bthroom, will put a plastic wastepaper basket. Experts Say: Put toilet wastepaper basket will greatly increase the speed of bacterial growth, so that room into a virus breeding ground and source of infection. They think the general paper items, thrown into the toilets to flush with water; those difficult to flush sanitary supplies can convenient-owned bags, be removed from the toilet into the dustbin, so to make room not only to reduce pollution and clean again without any toilet placed in the wastebasket. Also go to the toilet of time as short as possible, enjoy reading this book, should give up with these problems.

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Man must eat 9 tiring big "gold" health food products

Tomato protection of the prostate.

Lycopene in the prostate to remove free radicals, the protection of prostate tissue. This natural carotenoid mainly found in tomatoes, watermelon, red grapefruit and other foods, a daily consumption of 100-200 grams of adults tomatoes, will be able to meet the physical needs of lycopene, and cooked tomatoes more easily by the body fully absorbed.

Harvard University in 1995, has published a 47,000 people for a long-term follow-up report.

Report that more than a week to eat tomatoes 10 people, the probability of prostate cancer than the average person 45% less. Therefore, at least a day to eat a tomato Men are a good choice.

Beneficial cardiovascular oats.

Endocrinology and Metabolism men often destroyed, so they are more susceptible to hypertension, stroke and other diseases. And vitamin E can prevent cholesterol blocked blood vessels, removal of trash in vivo. Coarse grains, nuts, vegetable oils contain vitamin E, so men should eat such food. The United States Treasury Utterback said Niki nutritionist, especially oats, which are rich in soluble fiber, cholesterol can be cleared to protect your heart and blood vessels. In some cases, oats reduce risk of heart disease risk of up to 30% or even higher.

Eat more oysters, will supplement the sperm.

From 24-year-old male after the quality and quantity of sperm are declining. Male semen contains a large number of zinc, when the body's zinc shortage of sperm quantity and quality. Seafood and food of oysters, shrimp, crab zinc the most abundant, a small zinc content of oysters in one day will be able to meet the requirements (15 mg), thus enhancing the capacity of a Man.

Zinc-rich foods are fish, liver, beef, shrimp, shellfish, seaweed, sesame, peanuts, soybeans and soybean products, such as.

Fresh deal with high-pressure job.

Men because of work, family and social long-term commitment to play a role, so long-term high-pressure state, but also necessary nutritional supplements. The spirit of the people always nervous every day to eat Fresh 3-5 to supplement vitamin C, to meet the job.

In addition to Fresh, the vitamin C-rich foods are kiwi, oranges, orange, green broccoli, asparagus, etc., can assist in cortisol (an anti-stress hormone) secretion, thereby against pressure.

Garlic to alleviate fatigue.

People all know that garlic has powerful bactericidal, can the eradication of invasive pathogens in vivo. But you know what? It also helps the absorption of vitamin B1, and promote the metabolism of carbohydrates to produce energy and relieve fatigue. Garlic can not be ignored another function is to enhance immunity, which contained lead selenide also has anti-oxidation, is seen as anti-cancer food.

Deep-sea fish can reduce the stroke.

Omega -3 fatty acids in fish, including mackerel flower fish, Pacific saury, rockfish, salmon, etc., you can replace the food, But we have to remember that at least a week to eat fish twice.

When to eat pork with beans.

Men tend to prefer animal fat, but this will overload the kidneys to increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases, malignant diseases such as risk. Even the 'lean', in which the naked eye can not see the hidden fat also accounted for 28%.

Therefore, men should learn how to light diet, in particular, is to reduce animal fats (fatty meat, fried meat, animal offal, etc.) and the total quantity of cooking oil (generally not more than 30 grams / day). To pork as an example, the average daily amount of meat should be controlled at 23 2; In addition, the best time to eat pork and beans with food, because soy products contain a large number of lecithin, can be emulsified in plasma, so that cholesterol and fat particles become smaller, to prevent the formation of plaque.

Drinking red wine can prevent atherosclerosis.

If you must drink, then drinking red wine. Because contained in grape skin polyphenolic antioxidants were retained in the wine, you can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. In addition, red wine can improve antioxidant to prevent atherosclerosis. Recent research findings also show that red wine on the prevention of Alzheimer's disease Men also have efficacy. In general, middle-aged men consumed a daily average of 100-150 ml is appropriate. In addition, fasting should avoid drinking, when the table drinking better. This can enhance the appetite, help digestion, reduce the absorption of alcohol.

To drink plenty of water on the agenda.

Human brain has 75% of water, dehydration of the first affected organ is the brain, too little water will be fatigue, slow reaction. Men just get busy one, we often forget to drink water, if the drinks or soup to add body moisture, heat will be inviting so that the body fat. Therefore, as far as possible in the meal and drink plenty of water between meals. For example, one into the office, as soon as 500 milliliters of water down on the table, forced to drink their own time and finish before lunch. To finish the day at least 1200 milliliters of water, equivalent to two bottles of mineral water.

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Remove the threat of six men's health bad


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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Remove the threat of six men's health bad

Young person in the often overlooked health problem. It does not know that a lot of seemingly insignificant habits and practices of their own future will bring many health risks, even if social relations are traditional strong - Man, is no exception.

I still remember the early 20, in their prime, do you think the vitality of its own will never be depleted; in order to make them look more mature and sexy, and ultimately, the daily cigarette between your fingers; the summer is to seize every opportunity to show their young charm.Passage of time, now you have become a general in a Man: and other loans saddled with the same pressure, more energy are used for various types of family planning, as long degenerated into entertainment occasional luxury. At this time I am afraid you will begin to worry when the reckless young will suddenly cool to own a counteroffensives? Smoking, drinking, jumps enlightens, sunbathing, which appears to mark the activities of the young what the future will bring what the health threat? Let us find out.


Against: alcohol can easily lead to alcoholism, especially in their immediate family in the circumstances of such patients. The medical profession will be defined as alcohol: one drink a bottle or 5 more than 5 bottles of beer, or blood alcohol level at or higher than 0.08. Because of substantial alcohol kill brain cells, the long run, will lead to memory. May also cause fatty liver, cirrhosis and other liver diseases, serious liver transplant must be carried out in order to preserve life.

Remedies: If you are dependent on alcohol have not yet reached the degree, then from now on to itself up to drink a bottle of beer a day. With the reduction in alcohol intake, liver most likely natural recovery to its normal state. At the same time, although we can not allow the revival of the death of nerve cells, as long as there is no substantial stimulation of alcohol, the brain's memory function will be gradually returning.

Unprotected sex

Hazard: You are likely to have no sense in the case of infection of sexually transmitted diseases. Experts point out that about 75% of women carry chlamydia, but there is no clinical symptoms, and most women with gonorrhea show only mild symptoms, such as urine or vaginal discomfort has yellow liquid outflow, it can not think of themselves in need of treatment , unprotected sexual behavior of these diseases will be transmitted to men.In addition, 80 percent of men suffer from genital herpes will not appear in patients with obvious clinical symptoms such as pain. More in-depth study found that as high as 75% of men by showering papilloma virus Human papillomavirus (HPV) intrusion, which is currently the most common sexually transmitted diseases. It is usually no obvious symptoms, but the absence of timely treatment and transmission to women, can lead to the occurrence of cervical cancer.

Remedial measures: If you do not have the habit of regular medical check-ups, then starting today should ask themselves to do this. Doctor to face, you must be their own situation and openly say so. Herpes is a chronic disease, use of drugs can control the progression of the disease, to avoid pain and infection.

Often in a noisy environment

Hazards: a young man fond of rock you will find that their hearing has been watered down. Are often easily lead to a noisy environment on the auditory system to receive a reduced ability to sound wave, and sometimes people hear what they say around the time of the noise situation is even worse. With age, people have a higher band then the voice of insensitive, that is to say, listen to high pitch sounds, such as doorbell, telephone's ability to reduce.

Remedial measures: Hearing loss is irreparable. However, we can take action to avoid the hearing continued to decline. For example, watching TV, listening to music when the volume deliberately put a small bit, in the use of vacuum cleaners and other noisy appliances, such as when put on earmuffs. If the ear often buzzing sound, you may be suffering from tinnitus patients, for those who enjoy loud music, this is a common disease. Although there is no cure, but if this symptom should be on time, in order to rule out the possibility of suffering from other ailments, and learn methods to ease symptoms.


Hazards: Whether you are entertaining for the occasional "means" look mild smokers, or days away from the cigarettes had not realistic severe smokers, cigarettes contained harmful ingredients will significantly improve your risk of heart disease, lung cancer and other types of cancer risk. Specifically, because of smoking cancer deaths caused by the proportion of all cancer deaths can be accounted for 30% of the total.

Remedies: For those who for several years and even decades-old smokers, there is no way to save health? The answer is to quit smoking. Experts point out that, even if only for one year to quit smoking, but also be able to effectively reduce the risk of heart disease for more than half of Tatsu. Such as to adhere to more than 15 years, the probability of cardiovascular disease can be restored to the level of never smokers.About lung cancer prevention, researchers found that smoking cessation up to 5 years, the possibility of lung cancer than smokers halved, while those who quit smoking 10 years, the prevalence of probability can be lowered to normal level. Period in the smoking cessation should be eating more antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables, these components can promote cell repair, to eliminate cancer-causing free radicals in vivo. At the same time, should actively take part in sports to enhance the lung function, and promote blood circulation lungs.

Very fond of sunbathing

Hazards: a lot of people think that not only bring them sunbathing charming color also is good for health. But do not underestimate the sun's powerful - it takes too long for frequent or sunbathing may also lead to skin cancer and early aging (such as stains, wrinkles, skin laxity and broken capillaries, etc.). While no one can prove that sunbathing and skin cancer have themselves to what extent a direct causal relationship, but the study shows that those who have once been Sunlight burns experienced person suffering from melanoma (skin cancer in the highest mortality of a) the probability is higher than that other people.A recent study showed that in all groups of people enjoy sunbathing, the white race of person suffering from the possibility of melanoma three times higher than other groups. Way from the sun, the "artificial" sun of a greater harm, because the skin in a short period of time a considerable concentration of UV absorption.

Remedial measures (the effect of medium): from the sun burns to skin cancer, the disease, which can go through a 10 ~ 30 years of latency. So if you were a child once the sun burns off, it must now be vigilant.Every month to check their own body skin to see if there appears a new mole in mind, is there a mole in mind the old discoloration, deformation, if you found any suspicious symptoms should immediately seek medical treatment. At the same time, if you remember who the mole or more regular sunbathing family has been incidence of skin cancer, then you should also make an annual professional skin check. Of course, there is the most basic point: Before applying sunscreen circumstances no longer accept direct sunlight.

Repeatedly lose weight

Hazards: the medical profession think the past once again lose weight will lead to metabolic disorders, reduced muscle density, and even sudden death, but in-depth study for the above conclusions have been shown negative trends. Repeatedly lose weight, however, for the health effects of fertility are also not optimistic. WA Medical Center in recent studies have shown that: the human body will lose weight repeatedly declining long-term immunity. Although not yet identify the specific reasons, but the researchers found that repeatedly lose weight would reduce the cell viability and to combat influenza, infection and the ability of cancer cells early.

Remedies: For people who are overweight to reduce 4.5 kilograms of body weight can reduce the incidence of hypertension and diabetes rates, reduced excess fat of course, dragging a fat than a healthy natural and unrestrained, but the key is how to lose weight the results to defend itself.First of all, must find the causes of obesity, get rid of past unhealthy lifestyles and habits; then take practical action, in accordance with the recommendations of nutritionists and their own ability to accept scientific lose weight, lose weight Happiness - it is necessary to control excessive eating, but also ensure that every Date required for a variety of human nutrition intake. Third, regular exercise can reduce the human pressure is also able to promote fat burning, lose weight so that the effect of a more visible and more durable. Finally, no matter how lose weight best way to lose weight who are required to cope with persistent perseverance.

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11 kinds of privacy between husband and wife aphrodisiac food

Do you know, the role of food also has aphrodisiac! Some foods rich in substantial enhancement of the sexual hormones, help to improve the quality of sexual life and another, and the other half with these tempting taste of food, also can be a highly provocative nature Oh, before the show!

Here we introduce 11 kinds of food, not only can enhance your appetite, but also help to increase sexual desire.


However, when you think of sex, you may not first think of celery, or even do not think sex is concerned for the purpose of stimulating it may be a magic food. This is substantial because it contains androsterone, odorless hormone will then distribute them through so that men and women sweating to fanaticism manifested.

How to enjoy this libido food: Celery is best eaten raw. Wash your hands and cut open the skin, then forced chewing.


Banana contains Bromelain enzymes, this can be considered to enhance men's sexual desire. Additionally, it contains potassium and vitamin B, thus increasing the body's overall level can be.

How to enjoy this libido food: First of all, put them on a plate, with a wide variety of different ways of ripping it, and then let your partner slowly began to eat it, then you devour to put it eat all of a sudden, you began to eat the next time enjoy.


This is a classic food assistance. Oysters containing high zinc, semen and testosterone will promote the emergence of ecdysterone. Oysters also contain dopamine, a well-known hormone can enhance sexual desire. Try to put it down to you before the play - you feed her to eat, and also let her feed you eat. This slippery texture and just the process of peeled should allow you to be two different feelings.

How to enjoy this libido food: thoughtful cleared its shell, remove all soil and bacteria. And they prized open ice on the bed, if you like, you can squeeze some fresh lemon on top, and then give it to the jacket.


Aztec pear called for ahuacatl or "testicle tree." The pears can indeed be expected as part of the body, they contain high concentrations of folic acid, can help the metabolism of proteins, which give you more energy. They also contain vitamin B6 (a male hormone can increase the nutrient) and potassium (helps regulate the thyroid gland of female), these two basic components of both men and women can make to achieve the purpose of enhancing sexual desire.

How to enjoy this libido food: Cut it in half, use your fingers to stuff it inside out to, and then with your partner and licking it, and enjoy the delicious Dayton.

Almonds (or nuts in general)

Almonds are a major source of fatty acids, which are very important because they provide the body of male hormones necessary to ensure their good health. In addition, the almond scent will arouse the passion of female instinct. Try lighting some almond scent of candles, fiddle with her emotions, then enjoy yourself some almond taste (but not too much), to provide for their own sex life after a moment of energy.

How to enjoy this libido food: eat them raw (no added salt or sugar). Or, smashed a number of fresh almonds, and sprinkle some on top of salad, so you get the energy you need.

Mango, peach and strawberry

What have you become mounts teeth, and like a sweet candy like it more interesting? Probably should not do so, and you put it as a prelude to sex (or period).上Referred to the three fruits, no matter their shape, texture or quality, have a certain sexual characteristics suggestive, and also a prelude of your very entertaining. You can try these fruit juice Tu physical, then licking each other to eat the other side of the fruit body, and the next you do ahead of time to create a good atmosphere. This created a great (and is also delicious) way to explore each other's body.

How to enjoy this libido food: Let your women to eat the mango skin removed, cut the peaches in half, or licking eating strawberries, then let her give you oral sex.


A good source of glutamine - your immune system, porous fuel - the liver can indeed enhance your sexual desire has been slowly declining. And taken for granted, this is not conducive to the best aphrodisiac food, but if you add it to your basic diet, your body, as well as your partner will appreciate you to do so.

How to enjoy this libido food: fried in a pan in the liver, and put some onions, spices and olive oil, to make you taste more of the mind together.


Although not the most to enhance your sexual desire for food, but the eggs are rich in vitamin B6 and vitamin B5. These two vitamins are very beneficial to balance hormone levels and hormone intensity, and these two are a healthy sex drive must have a very important factor. Eggs are also a symbol of fertility and youth. Some people will eat before the start of sexual life eggs, in order to enhance sexual desire, and enhance energy. In fact, all the birds and fish eggs contain vitamin B6 and vitamin B5, and not just eggs contain.   

How to enjoy this libido food: In your sex life prior to cooking eggs, and mix some of the best caviar, the champagne bottles (only required a little bit).


Fig was considered rich in amino acids can increase sexual desire. They can also improve sexual stamina. In addition, a new shape and sweet figs, water taste in many people feel the two aspects are of a high degree of enjoyment.

How to enjoy this libido food: feeding her to eat some fresh figs, and two of your time for the beginning of fig fruit juice all over your body flow.


Yes, perhaps you need to stock some extra mint to improve the tone, but it would be very worthwhile. Garlic contains allicin, a can of your sexual organs of blood flow increase of the active ingredient. Therefore, it is to help you improve sexual desire of a very effective drug. If only the smell of it so that you and your partner can not accept, then you can use garlic capsules as a substitute.

How to enjoy this libido food: Then, if you are at the same time during the sexual life should not accept the smell of garlic, then the use of garlic capsules bar, it also your sex life and work.


Apart from the fact that outside, chocolate on the vagina of women have the most reliable method, chocolate contains Theobromine - a very similar to the alkaloid caffeine. It also contains phenylethylamine, a chemical that lets you produce "is love" feeling. So, when your chocolate a woman says she felt the time how well, in fact, there was some scientific basis behind the. In addition, dark chocolate contains a lot of antioxidants, which your body is very useful because they help to maintain immune system balance.

How to enjoy this libido food: from chocolate bars to chocolate fondue, as long as it is chocolate, you and your partner will think this is an enjoyment of eating.

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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Streptococcus pneumoniae invasive disease research and treatment

Streptococcus pneumoniae for Gram-positive cocci double, and anaerobes, and was known as the Bath Micrococcus, pneumococcus, Streptococcus pneumoniae, until 1974 was officially named as Streptococcus pneumoniae.Function or anatomy of the absence of spleen in children is Streptococcus pneumoniae invasive infection caused by systemic high-risk groups, so this caused by Streptococcus pneumoniae systemic disease known as invasive pneumococcal disease (IPD).Are caused by Streptococcus pneumoniae invasive disease such as meningitis, septicemia, arthritis, osteomyelitis, such as an important pathogen, but also the death of 2 children under the age of one of the main reasons. All over the world each year has around 1.2 million children die from pneumococcal infections, the mortality rate more than any one vaccine-preventable pathogens.

Infants and preschool children in the pathogen to carry a high rate of asymptomatic (> 50%), especially in day-care institutions and children in crowded places. IPD incidence in different countries and different ethnic origin. And in the same region, over time, will also change the type pathogen. Is now clear that the IPD caused by Streptococcus pneumoniae pathogenic material for the main capsular polysaccharide and hemolysin.

Not all carriers will have IDP. The main reason leading to IDP are: the body of the existence of systemic or local infection, local mucosal immunity lowering, congenital or acquired immunodeficiency. Such as low Agammaglobulinemia, complement deficiencies, neutropenia, such as missing spleen, HIV infection. Infants and young children in general a higher rate of incidence increases with age, decreased nearly 5-year-old age when the incidence declined rapidly after the age of 60 have increased the incidence of the peak once again appear in the elderly over the age of 65 patients.

IDP are the high season in winter, may be associated with other respiratory infections such as: influenza, mycoplasma, chlamydia infection prone secondary infection of Streptococcus pneumoniae. In a relatively closed collective institutions such as schools, barracks, day-care centers and prisons, the emergence of a new strain will lead to the outbreak of IDP. Function or anatomy of the Absence of spleen is also a risk factor for IDP.

Penicillin for the treatment of Streptococcus pneumoniae infection in the standard drugs, in clinical applications have more than half a century. But now drug-resistant strains have emerged, and have a more serious phenomenon of multi-drug resistant.The majority of reduced susceptibility to penicillin strains of the third generation, fourth generation cephalosporins are more sensitive, and amoxicillin can be used for the treatment of reduced susceptibility to penicillin strains. For patients with severe IDP, cefotaxime, ceftriaxone or cefepime are the preferred drugs. Alternative drugs, including carbapenems, the new generation of quinolones, clindamycin and vancomycin, such as.

IDP prevention include improving the living environment, give up bad habits, take part in physical exercise, active treatment of basic diseases, but the most effective preventive measure when the Streptococcus pneumoniae vaccine.

In short, IDP is a global disease, the incidence of diseases and pathogens of other plant type with the national, regional, ethnic vary; a variety of factors influence its pathogenesis; its clinical features vary, most of the performance of non-specific, general multiple organ can be involved.

With sensitive, effective and rational application of antibiotics and vaccines continuous research and development, IDP morbidity will be reduced, but the emergence of many drug-resistant strains makes it an upward trend in incidence, death rate, an increase of the difficulty of clinical data expect the development of new vaccines, which in turn can more immune type strain, reduce resistance, reduce the occurrence of IDP .

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It has 10 kinds of healthy habits are wrong!

The world's easily mistaken for common sense, than you have to know many. We have a lot of health habits is wrong.

Error 1: nosebleeds when to raise the chin

The only advantage in this way is not going to nose into the floor, but it will not only nosebleed, it will flow into the nose throat and may even lead to vomiting and suffocation. Correct approach is that in the nosebleeds in the nose of the Frontier Mission 1 small cotton balls, soft reduction, nose, and head to the forward, or in an ice Wai neck towel or wet towels can also stop bleeding.

Error II: scrape armpit hair, sweat can be reduced

Scratch armpit hair for stop sweat produced no effect at all. On the contrary, after scratching armpit hair, armpit because water can not hide from and perspiration left on clothes. Moreover, the scratch armpit hair also easily lead to hair root abscess. Correct approach is: Decomposition in sweat before the cleansing of the axillary sweat can.

Three wrong: sweat are smelly

Sweat is not Taste of. But a lot of sweat contains organic substances, these substances are bacteria in terms of nutrients, but will produce unpleasant droppings when the bacterial decomposition of sweat.

Error Four: brush your teeth immediately after dinner

Brush your teeth immediately after eating something, they will take in food acid erosion of enamel, this will only strengthen the acidity of food on the role of dental damage. The correct approach is, first mouthwash, after half an hour to brushing.

Error Friday: the effect of drugs on the men and women the same

The latest research shows that the effect of drugs on men and women absolutely not the same. For example, aspirin can help the prevention of myocardial infarction for men, but has little effect on women. Anesthetics such as fat soluble drugs, the dose for women than for men.

Error VI: 100 hair per day is good for health

Excessive use of hair comb the scalp will stimulate the sebaceous glands. Especially oily hair of the person, it should be less hair. If it is dry hair long hair, they are more suitable for many hair. But the best are made with natural mane comb, this is more difficult to scalp injury.

Seven errors: walking than standing consuming physical

Because, when standing up, legs have to bear the weight of the body, two legs can not relax. The walk is one of his legs to bear weight, the other one will in the relaxation.

Eight error: Blood sweet person easy to mosquitoes

Mosquito fundamental Taste heard less than blood. However, mosquitoes are particularly sensitive to hot, even the 0.05 degrees of difference can be identified. Therefore, when we exhale carbon dioxide and water vapor, it will recruit a mosquito.

Error 9: toilet hygiene are not the place

Regular cleaning of toilet water than the stereotype of the many clean. Family of bacteria research specialists have discovered that the home of the majority of bacteria are hiding in the refrigerator drain wall, the cloth on the quantity of bacteria than toilet many.

Ten error: smart person big head

Brain size is not decided whether or not the key to smart, only the most important brain structures. Human brain function is determined by the neural network, and low IQ people are in this regard because some of the features already dead, and has nothing to do with brain size.

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Friday, February 20, 2009

Natural food supplement are: not necessarily safe!

In our understanding of healthy living, there are some concepts from various sources appears to be the experts wrong.

Misunderstanding 1: If I insist on eating low-fat food, I will be able to lose weight

Fact: Most Americans eat low-fat food, but many of them still more and more fat. This illustrates the above point of view is wrong. The United States through a nationwide survey found that in the past 14 years, in spite of the adoption of various means to reduce fat in food by 7%, but the number of overweight has increased by 9%. Even if you have low-fat foods to replace high-fat foods, your weight is still likely to increase.

Because even though you are eating low-fat food, but you might well intake more calories, that is, to reduce the fat content of foods, but you eat more than before.

For example, a half glass of vanilla ice cream and half low-fat vanilla ice cream only difference between the 40 calories. But you most likely will be in the "low fat" under the confusing themselves hesitate to eat a full cup, so that your total calorie intake than a half glass of ordinary vanilla ice cream more. In any case, to reduce the fat in food is correct, but if you are thin, then apart from the attention of outside fat, you should also calculate the total calories. Women's total daily calories needed for the range of between 1600-2000. Use your weight (several pounds) multiplied by 12 is required for your daily value of calories approximately.

Misunderstanding 2: I was trying to recover from a cold coming, I am at this time will no longer be infected.

Facts: the lifting of the errors, you need to first understand a common sense, that is caused by "cold" virus actually has hundreds of species. Different virus attacks the body's immune system will produce different results. Have because of our own antibodies, so the vast majority of them will not have an impact on the human body. But those who lack the corresponding antibodies against influenza virus will cause symptoms. If you have a cold during the in vivo produced a certain kind of virus antibodies, you will not be re-transmitted by the same type of influenza virus.

However, if your family or friends are suffering from a cold because of the combined effects of a variety of viruses, of which also contains your body does not exist a corresponding virus antibodies, then you most likely in the resumption of the process of being infected again . Although the surface may be exactly the same symptoms, but caused by the influenza virus, you have a different Ibid, so the same drug in your body effects of the differences will appear. Avoid such repeated transmission are thoroughly wash their hands frequently.Although many people believe that colds are transmitted through the air, but the reality is that patients with a cold red than you sneeze, and make it easier for him to shake hands with you have been infected with influenza. At the same time you are going to pay attention to drinking plenty of water, plenty of rest, this is to avoid re-infected with influenza a good way.

Three errors: I have to go to achieve the exercise effect Stadium.

Fact: you can never go in the gym, or even do not wear sportswear circumstances, from the day-to-day sporting events in the proper exercise. American Association of Sports experts believe that 30 minutes a day of mild physical activity enough to make you feel energetic, good physique and to resist the erosion of various chronic diseases.

You do not have enough once a day for 30 minutes of exercise, you can be a variety of activities in various time periods interspersed carried out, for example, a 10-minute bike ride, 10 minutes of jogging, stair climbing Express 8-minute plus to do to follow television programs Calisthenics, such as two minutes. Your minimum goal is to consume 150 calories a day, of course, the better. And 150 calories while they are playing, cycling, walking to work and to do one or more hours in household chores can easily be consumed.

Misunderstanding Four: "natural" foods are more beneficial to health.

Facts: This is a great mistake. For example, arsenic is a natural material, but it has highly toxic. Despite the stores or pharmacies buy those unprocessed natural foods or drugs may be safe, but you did not receive assurances in this regard.Supplies a lot of vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements have been marked tonic Although a "natural food", but their content of various substances is not necessarily in line with the norms, and therefore can not guarantee that it is safe or effective. Although some preliminary studies have shown that vitamin E on cardiovascular disease prevention and control is good, but such research is still in its infancy. No one can say vitamin E treatment of cardiovascular diseases, the exact dose.
To make matters worse, various "natural" nutritional supplement in drug stores or supermarkets now the food counters are available, it is necessary to know that these supplements as food and as a drug that is two completely different concepts. Under the banner of "natural" banner manufacturers and businesses are never in the product description marked on the side effects of these supplements. Experts advise those who want to try "natural nutritional supplements" customers buy or use, please doctor.

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

To study the window-seat aircraft that has lead to the risk of thrombosis

According to British "Daily Mail" website reported January 27, published in the British "blood disease," the journal of a study that when the plane sitting in window seat will increase the deep venous thrombosis risk, the twice the risk of ordinary people are.

Leiden University Medical Center researchers who travel by air on 80 patients with deep venous thrombosis and 108 healthy passengers a comparative study. The researchers said the passenger window than the risk of suffering from thrombosis aisle passengers sit higher than the 2 / 3, body fat, if passengers sit by the window to be more dangerous, they suffer from the risk of thrombosis will be sitting in the passenger side aisle five times . And sitting between the seats is not some kind of risks.

For this phenomenon, one view window seat because people are more vulnerable to sleep, to sleep in the plane of the danger is that if the blood clots along the blood vessels into the lungs, will lead to pulmonary embolism. Researchers consider to wear elastic stockings thrombosis is a major incentive. They believe that when the plane can be prevented thrombosis drink alcohol, drink plenty of water is of no avail. Use of space is more spacious economy class can also reduce the risk of thrombosis 30%.

But the British Heart Foundation Professor Jeremy Prson think the study is just a small scope of the experiment, and what results is also not surprising that these should be common sense.

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Subject to deal with the danger of the top ten common food before dinner

When people say "dangerous food", the thought of many are the wild mushrooms and puffer fish poisoning, but due to food poisoning every year in the treatment of 76 million Americans, most of them are a problem because eating fruits vegetables, chicken or salad. These are common food on the table, but because of improper treatment it "poison." MSN news sites before the United States contains the text, reported 10 kinds of food the following risk factors exist, I enjoy in the former must be properly addressed.

1. Bean sprouts

"If the bean sprouts out of the question, it has to be a big problem, so it should be in the list of dangerous food first." The United States University of Georgia Center for Food Safety Dr. Michael Road, said, "bean sprouts growth environment best suited to harmful breeding ground for bacteria. "cultivating the soil sprouts were immersed in water, and has remained moist - this is exactly the best environment for multiplication of bacteria (Salmonella is most commonly carry the bacteria in sprouts).

The solution: While McDowell said, some researchers have tried to detect soil moisture, to determine whether the contaminated bean sprouts, but this is not a completely reliable method. People to eat bean sprouts after the illness or recurring. Even if you kinds of bean sprouts in their own homes, but also should not sit back and relax - no matter how careful you are, a large area of the plant environment of harmful bacteria to breed the same species in your sprouts appear. Rinse bean sprouts are not to remove harmful bacteria, the only way is to use the fire boils them or speculation.

2. Eggs

We can breathe a sigh of relief a little, because only students, or half-baked eggs will make people sick. Around 10,000 per egg will be a carry salmonella. Although this probability looks very low, but who can guarantee that your eggs are safe then? Salmonella in eggs media, so it would be better, such as eggs are well cooked and then eat.

Solution: avoid eating raw eggs or less heat. Salad in half a lifetime there will be some eggs, with particular attention to. Cookies do not eat no cooked before, because in the egg noodles cooked yet. Eggs that are too soft, not even part of solidification hidden danger. For security, have to wait for liquid eggs are cemented solid after consumption, then the cooked eggs on. If you would like to eat half the eggs, then choose after pasteurization (a high-temperature sterilization process)-treated egg bar, which will normally be sterile egg shell or packaging have signs posted.

3. Half-bovine meat

Five minutes to eat raw or cooked beef usually have to take some risks, because they may carry salmonella and E. coli. Even if the beef production process there is no trace of vulnerability, or the existence of possible carrier. The best way is to choose insurance as sterile beef products. Strangulation best beef cattle meat block more than insecure, because it processes more and more vulnerable to bacterial contamination.

Solution: the temperature below 140 degrees Celsius so that usually only reach five cooked meat. And let cooked meat, 160 degrees of high temperature required in order to kill bacteria. Cooked the meat inside was brown rather than pink.

4. Packaging good green leafy vegetables

Including lettuce and spinach and other green leafy vegetables, has been in recent years, several diseases are ravaging the "culprit." The most recent serious cases are in 2006, the United States market bagged spinach carrying E. coli, resulting in 199 people get sick, 3 people were killed. Salmonella and E. coli such as harmful bacteria, will be contaminated vegetables through various channels, such as the carrier animal faecal pollution of soil and water, or picking and packing process of exposure to germs.

The solution: "packaging of vegetables on the contrary have been more vulnerable to pollution, if you want to reduce risk, then choose a tree full of fresh vegetables, rather than have the kind of packaging." McDowell said. If you buy a cabbage, it would be preferable to the outside leaves off, because there is more easily contaminated. After removing the outer leaves, wash and wash hands again to deal with other parts. However, if such a loose spinach are leafy vegetables, the leaves outside chance of being contaminated are the same. The only way to heat sterilization.

5. Sushi

The biggest problem with sushi are parasites - Spirometra, flat insects and roundworms, such as raw fish in it is likely to contain these parasites (often there will be sushi raw fish). Eat in order to be assured that the best go formal Japanese restaurant, where chefs will not only know how to pick the best fish, also know what kind of fish may have parasites, and sushi in the production process of removing them. Although raw fish can not guarantee full security, but when eating mustard dipping sauce or Green may play a role in a number of sterilization.

Solution: fish at least 145 degrees Celsius under high temperature and cook 1 minute, this can kill the parasite. However, it is not the sushi. Health and fish also can be the only guarantee not to carry parasites methods are used to eat sushi made of frozen fish. The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommend, raw fish at 31 degrees Celsius below zero temperatures, frozen at least 15 hours to kill parasites.

6. Raw chicken

Raw chicken is "notorious" in carriers of Salmonella and Campylobacter. The biggest risk factor is not to eat chicken (to do as long as the chicken cooked in the open it will not have the pink part on the line), but to do chicken, other food cross-contamination.

Solution: when handling raw chicken must be particularly careful. Cut off chicken cleaned immediately after the knife, cutting board, cooking benches and your hands to avoid the spread of bacteria in chicken meat to other foods. You will be after the chicken on the grill, used to wash dishes or change a new plate of chicken cooked Sheng.

7. Salad dressing

Salad dressing Nothing is dangerous in general, the United States Food and Drug Administration for sale in the market value of salad dressings and acidity Ph has expressly provided for in the salad dressing because it is acidic, so it has a certain degree of bactericidal efficacy. However, given that many people have eaten vegetables salad dressings and sandwich plate after the sick, they still included in the salad dressing there is a risk of food standings. Because even if the salad dressing to sterilization, it kept the case of improper or degenerate. Only because of the unique salad dressing slightly acidic odor and taste, many people are not aware that it has broken.

Solution: Seal and salad dressing on the refrigerator, cold storage, do not eat the shelf life of salad dressing. If you make salad dressing at home, we must ensure that all fresh and raw materials are not contaminated, the production of containers should be clean.

8. Cantaloupe

March 2006, the United States imported cantaloupe from Honduras because of salmonella carried by the recall, in this case so that people begin to pay attention to the existence of such a fruit of security issues. Cantaloupe skin because there are many cracks, easy to wash pollutants and the breeding of bacteria. Once the melon cut, these bacteria will go inside the melon pulp.

Solution: buy fresh cantaloupe complete, in the carefully cleaned before eating melon skin, reduce the melon pulp was the chance of bacterial contamination, but this is not enough. You have to carefully cut cantaloupe stored, at room temperature because a large number of bacteria. So to cut the cantaloupe in the refrigerator.

9. Unpasteurized cheese

Unless you are drinking from the body out of the fresh cow milk, there are most of the milk pasteurization treatment. Most people know that should be drinking milk after a high-temperature sterilization. But you thought about it, maybe you eat the cheese did not undergo such treatment. A lot of soft cheese - including the French brie cheese and white goat cheese, are without a high-temperature sterilization. Although the requirements of the United States domestic production and imports of high-temperature sterilization without the cheese can be preserved for at least 60 days, but they are still the risk of disease. Is therefore recommended that pregnant women, children, the elderly and poor immunity such person not to eat cheese.

The solution: to see the cheese before buying, packaging description, the general exterior will be clearly in the composition of cheese is used in treatment of pasteurized milk or untreated milk. Although the soft cheese taste better, but still edible when Friendly reminder: You are in use health risk.

10. Salad

Buffet restaurant or in the West Hall often to see the salad bar, here filled with a variety of fruits and vegetables and the sauce you select, and some salad bar pendulum are doing a good job of chef salad. Perhaps you think this is very convenient, as long as the election will be able to pick the selection of ready to eat salad. Lazy but also has a certain risk, because you do not know whether these ingredients fresh and have not cleaned some of the raw materials required for cooking Fire marquis is in place, the restaurant staff if healthy, have no communicable diseases ... ... salad, unlike other foods are high temperature sterilization, which almost all students, a maximum security risk also.

The solution: you have to identify themselves to the salad bar is to allow food to maintain a proper temperature (too cold in the cold, which should be hot enough Fire marquis). Restaurant hygiene conditions of eligibility, cooks and attendants did not have a cold or have other infectious diseases. Whether or not to place food places have covered, to prevent people from sneezing or coughing when the contamination of food. If you can not determine that the safest way to go home or eat their own doing.

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