Monday, March 23, 2009

Love error

If there is night, the already very tired of you, do not know why always awake, you will use the following method to the loss of eyes Spend the night then?

Phone chat with others
Conclusion: you make everything yourself only just. You must not think for other people, you act arbitrarily, so that your lover could not bear. You changed your required arbitrary character, many couples seek an opinion, this makes your lovers feel that you more of the sweet.

Look for a job to do at home everywhere
Conclusion: to die and that you are also admit defeat at the character to make you independent from the crowd. When love came also because you refused to reveal to each other were discarded. The only advantage you are you never to drag on endlessly as long as you find your match, a lightning may wish to Marry!

Continue to turn in bed rehabilitation over the past but can not sleep
Conclusion: When you have questions in their daily life, you only know how to escape, love is the same area. The procrastination because you make a lot of people affected, and the lovers break up and remain in place after the contact has continued to happen. Want to love on the love, the opportunity slipped away no longer will be back!

Conclusion: you are a very rational person, but by clever misuse of the anti-intelligent. Caution you against everything. Up in love, for fear of injury do not dare to love deeply. However, this will make your lover feel has been neglected, and for your enthusiasm will also greatly reduced. In fact, sometimes people look confused, but also not a bad idea. .

Wash your shower
Conclusion: you a bit nervous, but also a bit persistent. Others it is very difficult to adapt to the style of you, your lover is just the same. Sometimes you him (her) very warm, sometimes he (she) is very cold, so he (she) was very confusing. Even for him (her) love at first sight, you also give him (her) sense of drift, and put him (her) away scared. Want to change the status quo to control your own emotions about it!

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