Sunday, March 22, 2009

What kind of smell can stir up a woman's sexual desire?

Depends largely on sex hormone levels. Generally speaking, the sex hormones at puberty will be followed by a rapid increase in the arrival, and then to maintain a high level for decades. The United States issued a research report said that women provoke sexual scent, not the flowers or the smell of high-grade chocolate, but sugar licorice, cucumber, and the smell of talcum powder.

Hirsch found that the smell of licorice candy, cucumber scent and the scent of talcum powder, can give women vaginal blood flow increased by an average of 13 percent, while the other could stir up the scent of female sexuality, including the pumpkin skin and Lavender. In contrast, suppression of female sexual excitement odor, Cherry and Charcoal from the meat.

Hirsch explained that sexual desire associated with the odor situation that different odors can think of is some images, thereby reducing anxiety, as well as the increase of the degree of acceptance; smells may also stimulate the olfactory nerve and the brain between the core part of being the center is to stimulate sexual desire.

Of course, male and female sex hormone levels have their own laws of change, at 18-year-old male sex hormone levels to reach the high bee, when the strongest sexual desire, sex hormone levels after the age of 20 will continue to slow the rate of rise, to 30-year-old after the peak, And then a slow decline to menopause will suddenly showed a downward trend.In view of this, 25 years old before and after the marriage the sexual desire of men and women are not influential. But 35-year-old drag even after the age of 40 will be caused by the lengthy sexual repression of women and men of both sexual desire and capacity will have a negative impact, it is possible a variety of sexual suppression and psychological problems. Say so later there is also enough.

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