Sunday, March 15, 2009

The correct use of condoms with disabilities seven small

Condoms can prevent sexually transmitted diseases, avoid unwanted pregnancies, but how to effectively use of it? Take a look at the following seven tips:

1. On a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. You can go out on weekend pastime, but do not hide your condoms a year ago.

2. To check the validity period. Yes, condoms also have valid, if the throw away expired.

3. Not to duplicate the use of condoms, select Other Ways to save money. In another recall have sex before the condom replacement.

4. For rubber condoms, use water-based lubricant; not to count on biological material or a small sheep's clothing manufactured condoms to prevent sexually transmitted diseases. Since one of the holes will make AIDS virus, herpes simplex virus and hepatitis B virus enters the body.

5. If you are allergic to rubber, the use of synthetic condoms (usually made from polyurethane). Such a long shelf life of condoms, water-based lubricants and oil can be used. But the condom can not completely prevent sexually transmitted diseases.

6. To avoid spermicide condoms. The most common contraceptive effectiveness of condoms, the best, but easy to expired, but also to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and HIV is not very effective. Can put a condom as a pre-show to do

7. Too rapidly it? Choose those containing benzocaine (a local anesthetic) condoms to reduce skin sensitivity, to prevent early ejaculation.

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