Friday, February 27, 2009

To avoid the seven husband and wife quarrel with disabilities

Each couple will quarrel, how to minimize the chances of this quarrel? Look at the experts give suggestions:

1. Go to sleep when angry

Forget those who want to solve the problem before going to bed that allows a party to go to bed. The study found, go to bed are the best choice to solve the problem, because it can straighten out the idea of a partner, another election to solve the problem of time, perhaps then there is no problem so serious.

2. A short break

Even 30 seconds of rest will also help quell the anger, the experts recommended that: out of the room, such as the two sides to calm down again and so on contact.

3. The courage to admit their mistakes

Expert recommendations: admit their actions can prevent your partner flying into a rage, and look for the sake of each other. Although it is difficult to do so, but very effective.

4. Try to humor you

Perhaps the beginning it is very difficult to do so, but a pair of married couples 23 years of this method is applied successfully.

5. Caress

When in any way can not solve the problem, as long as the grip of each other's hands on it. Touching is very important for solving the problem.

6. The prohibition of "buts"

Always a lot of couples in each other's points of view try to admit at the same time, add "but" to reiterate their point of view. Expert recommendations: prohibit: "But."

7. Remember what is most important

In fact, marriage consists of three parts: his wife, a husband and marriage. We should try to take into account the "three of us." Experts consider: recognizing that there is no perfect marriage is also important, one of a row is a part of.

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stan said...

thanks for dropping by! I like to think that we should not let the sun go down on our anger too.

BJ Roan said...

There is some very good advice here. I'll have Hubby stop by for a read...;)

Suldog said...

Humor - and not the kind where you make fun of your spouse - is the best. When you can't make your olved one smile, the marriage is in serious trouble.

skywind said...

stan & BJ Roan & Suldog saz... Husband-wife relationship is the most important family relationship. How to avoid a quarrel between husband and wife is a long topic. I hope this article useful to everyone.

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