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11 tips do not go on a diet can be thin

11 tips do not go on a diet can be thin"The key is not how much to eat less, but what to eat!" This is a nutrition expert to our views. She told us, you are obese, that is probably because there is to eat "wrong" a thing, so body weight on the growth of up unknowingly.

Mad thin

Last year, 12.7 percent have carried out the German people lose weight. 55.6% of them are crazy people of the diet, 12.6% of the selective diet, 6% of people do not diet. Nothing but the effect seems to be: 16% of people lose weight at a re-post it (yo-yo effect). Happily, only 2.7% of people lose weight drug selection, which more and more clear that everyone lose weight the health risks of drugs. In this article, do not tell you are a small common sense weight loss medication.
Let us look at, which are wrong in the end the cause of obesity.
Three or five meals a dayThree or five meals a day

Experts say three meals a day is not scientific, at intervals of three hours on a meal. Nutrition experts believe that before had, 16:00 to 19:00 every day before us are the main food intake of one of the best time. However, through research, the British Dietetic Association Philip experts have proven that this opinion is not correct, because at 16 o'clock before this time, withstand long periods of hunger, suffering, is not conducive to health.
Life, we eat three meals every day, but this way of life are unscientific. People have said that every three hours every day we should eat a meal, this argument is wrong. "The most fashionable are the healthy eating habits should be concerned about the time of each meal, rather than as before, only concerned about what their own plate of food with." This is the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom announced the nutrition experts.
Dark chocolate or white chocolateDark chocolate or white chocolate

On in terms of calorie content, in fact, little difference between the two chocolate. 100 grams of chocolate contains about 520-560 calories. The benefits of dark chocolate is: the more bitter because of thick texture, it can satisfy the pleasure of eating chocolate, and dark bitter chocolate with more cocoa to provide in good health so that the plant material (such as flavonoids).
A recent study found that dark chocolate for good heart. Eating dark chocolate can help reduce the prevalence of heart disease, but white chocolate does not seem to have this effect.
Coffee, tea and dark chocolate contains poly phenols, which can be anti-free radical substances to reduce the harm cells, the role of oxidized. This substance is a molecule with a free electron, which can prevent the "bad" cholesterol and the incidence of cancer.
Red pepper or green pepperRed pepper or green pepper?

If we must choose, then you select the red vegetables!
Both the red pepper, tomato or carrot, all rich in the protection of the skin, prevent wrinkles generated antioxidants and carotenoids.
Vegetables such smart people, a warm feeling, but also to stimulate the excitement of the nervous system.
Compared to green peppers, red peppers in addition to a variety of vitamins, but also contains a special Sikang factor, can enhance the body's resistance to colds, heart and small intestine at the same time there is a lot of benefits but also help to lose weight.
Orange or appleOrange or apple

Orange! Orange of course! Orange semi-disc antioxidants contained in the equivalent of five medium-sized apple. Storage of these antioxidants in dark blue in the anthocyanin. Day intake of a certain amount of blueberry can attack the body cells contain the emergence of free radicals. Orange can also lower blood cholesterol levels, and ensure that our brain energy.
Eating sausage mustard or ketchup dipEating sausage mustard or ketchup dip

Nutrition experts recommend mustard dip, as mustard oil to stimulate saliva, gastric acid and bile secretion. These are beneficial to accelerate the decomposition of fat, while promoting peristalsis.
Sausage containing a large number of oils and fats, lose weight in itself is not suitable for food, but must eat, it is recommended you or mustard dip, dip at least not like tomato sauce and fat as doubling up. Thuringia eating sausage and mustard Krakow sausage dip is particularly effective when digested.
Water in meal or water after mealWater in meal or water after meal

It depends on the amount of drinking water. If a meal or a large number of drinking water directly after a meal will dilute the acid, which would slow down the gastric digestion of food the first step in the process, it is not conducive to lose weight. Meal at a small glass of water to drink is very good. Dinner drink to stimulate saliva secretion, but also prone to a sense of satiety.
Drink or chewing gum used to resist hungerDrink or chewing gum used to resist hunger

With a strong smell of mint chewing gum can reduce the appetite!
Moreover, the chewing gum for one hour can consume about 11 calories. So if your mouth is idle, you can block chewing gum, can resist the hunger, but also consumes energy.
But water is also good: Many people often confuse thirst and hunger. A sense of hunger is to drink a glass of water can no longer empty stomach, and the hunger is really effective, you can at any rate not so bad.
Eat oranges or drink orange juiceEat oranges or drink orange juice

Orange juice is not healthy. Since pulp is rich in plant material to enhance immunity flavonoids.
A medium-sized oranges a day may be necessary to provide vitamin C. Enhance the body's ability to resist against bacteria. Oranges can be harmful to health to remove the body of free radicals and inhibit tumor cell growth. All the fruit, citrus contains the highest antioxidants, including more than 60 kinds of flavonoids and 17 types of carotene.
After exercise to eat meat or noodleAfter exercise to eat meat or noodle

After exercise is best not to eat meat immediately. Although this time you will be very possible to eat fried chicken wings, but for your health and well built, or to abandon it. Bananas and cereal - This is at one hour after exercise to recommend you for. They can let you have a sense of satiety as well as when to add the loss of physical exercise.
In order to lose weight, as long as you remember: after exercise eating less fat dairy products, or a variety of pod, fish, potatoes and noodles, you can unknowingly lose some weight.
However, attention should be paid to all not to eat too much, in order to prevent the stomach up bad.
Eat fruit with skin or peel skinEat fruit with skin or peel skin

This is the question of taste. You can choose to peel can be eaten with skin. But eat pears to be peeling.
Pear because of the peel contains a lot on Arbutin in intestinal cancer will be translated into hydroquinone. In addition, the skin contains a large number of dietary fiber. This is very beneficial Runchang detoxification. If playing a more healthy, then eat the fruit with the skin is better.
Before or after jogging to eat cerealsBefore or after jogging to eat cereals

Before running to eating cereal or when jogging to increase energy drink not well.
Since when in the exercise carbohydrate intake will stimulate stress hormone production, thus weakening the body's immune system.
After sport the food at relatively good , because then the storage of carbohydrates are empty, quickly add the physical energy required.

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