Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Concept of face to know the health

Have heard so many words have said that "after 40 years of age, on the face of their own in charge", in fact, this is a wrong concept. Correct should be "20-year-old from the beginning, on the face of their own in charge."

No matter who has a small sweet face. However, in the growth process, because of the surrounding environment and lifestyle of different characteristics to form the different face. Especially after a 25-year-old, the face will begin to show to reflect the state of their own health symptoms. From a personal physical fitness to the body organ disorders, life problems, such as irregular work and rest, will face one one now.

In particular, the original owner whether you are young and good-looking face, however, if the bad habits, eyes surrounded by dark color can easily precipitate hair would lose their luster. Once the case, even if the facial features and then exciting precincts beauty, gives the first impression is the "old state" only.

These are not unfounded. We are very naturally from a person's face, presumably out of each other's spirit, health status and daily routines are normal.

Although mentioned in front of the face can convey a different impression to each other, but we face was not for the others in order to appreciate its existence. Face, originally belong to their "own" part. Face every morning, you do not have a good observation from the mirror in their face change?

Face the situation will be in accordance with the basis of the daily changes in mood and have said that. Sometimes feel that they have the spirit of looking, on the contrary, may sometimes feel that they face no inglorious.

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Sweetie said...

I really enjoy your posts. I find your blog very interesting.

skywind said...

Sweetie sez...Of your evaluation, I feel very honored. I will get better and better. Thank you.

loong said...


When you smile, I smile, that’s the deal.
I will not walk past you and not look you in the eyes and not acknowledge you.
Instead we will pass each other and say hello.

Not with our words, for they are not the same; but with our faces.
I meet you and I see there is good in your eyes, there's passion in your heart and there's a friendly hello in your smile.

And for the first time we can relate and appreciate each other.
That’s all it takes, that’s where it starts.
Because I know that you will smile and I will smile and the rest is easy.

skywind said...

loong saz... Your hearts these words exactly what I want. Thank you.

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