Wednesday, April 1, 2009

To convince the women, more convincing selection interviews

British "Daily Telegraph" reported: American psychologists found that if you want to convince women that the best way is face-to-face conversation with her. If the object is to persuade men, then by e-mail and chat face-to-face approach, and its basically no difference between the final results.

American social psychologists have recently conducted a pilot. They asked each group of two homosexual students, through online chat and face-to-face conversation in two ways to discuss the introduction of the new benefits of the examination system. Discussion, one of a study of students in accordance with the instructions of staff to persuade the other party. Try to accept her or his own opinion. The researchers found that female group, face-to-face lobbying is more convincing. In contrast, the male group, and in what way to persuade is not important.

In this regard, the researchers pointed out that the test reflects the "pay more attention to the relationship between women. Men more goal-oriented." In other words, the rise in the electronic media today, and convenient means of communication probably would make the negotiations easier job, but women still prefer to communicate through interaction.This is because. Women born on the living environment has a strong sense of security on demand, they are more willing to, through eye contact, facial expressions and gestures to and surrounding the relationship between the people must set up. When a relationship has been established, they will find themselves into a certain groups, it is the basis for survival, so naturally have a certain degree of each other's trust. In addition, they are inherently good at empathy. Will try to consider the point of view of problem. As a result, face-to-face when, with others the possibility to reach a consensus on the larger.

Men is different, the purpose of their aggressive nature and strong than women. If you convince them face-to-face, it will allow them to feel that they are being conquered, a disadvantage. As a result, the attack would be provoked For men, one with the other party must not be rivals. In addition, men are more willing to face-to-face to persuade the opponent to demonstrate the independence of their own to show their "invincible" capability.

Finally, the researchers said the talks, also is particularly important, and that is to understand each other's interest in language and way of thinking, so that you can in the negotiations to achieve greater success.

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