Friday, April 17, 2009

Hospital cleaning products harmful to health

Hospital cleaning products harmful to health. According to Associated Press reports: U.S. researcher found that the cleaning products used in hospitals for patients and medical staff are harmful to the health.

The study leader, University of Massachusetts Lowell hospital Anerla Bell sustainable projects and the Harvard School of Public Health Boston Melissa Perry studied six Massachusetts hospitals, cleaning materials and clean technology.The study found, for cleaning and disinfecting products are including disinfectants, surfactants, and aromatic solvent, and many other complex chemicals, including chemicals. There are a lot of these volatile components, and other chemical properties.

Researcher said: "cleaning products and corrosion through the air medical personnel and patients of the skin in order to have an impact on their health. We have studied, including those involved in the composition include quaternary ammonium hydrochloride may cause skin and respiratory discomfort , thus giving rise to skin rashes.Also contains a number of products can be absorbed through skin of the glycol ether, and another will cause skin and respiratory discomfort ethanolamine. We have also found a number of alcohol, such as benzyl alcohol, ammonia and phenol, all of which have damage to the body. "

At present, the preliminary study has been, "Environmental Health" magazine.

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