Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The four restricted of men's psychological

It seems that the restricted area in the men raising the fish in the glass, because glass is transparent, he could not stop you see, but you can not attempt to cross the glass. When you intentionally or unintentionally, through a piece of glass, the men would like to enter a state of alert from the hedgehog state of war, all over the barbed open, things were not going to start this.
The four restricted of men's psychologicalA minefield: the flawed family man's vanity is a restricted area, and when he can not change, can only hope that you are invisible; not at this point, I hope you are ignored; If you can not ignore, it is best to do know but it does not say these things out and turn a blind eye. Good joke, we should not be, otherwise, he will think you are in a sneer at his family fun defects.
The four restricted of men's psychologicalMined b: a man's sexual self-confidence fragile and sensitive, and after the improvements are restricted after the man's sexual. If you do not want to lose and be happy, do not be absolutely wise and after, it passed to the men equivalent to an error message: This time, he was a failure, you hope that he will be improved next time. Exchange is not wrong, but to choose the time, after love, the men would like to see the lazy kind of contented women, and not also in high spirits talking to him one way or another.
The four restricted of men's psychologicalThree areas: the former's love for men, self-esteem suffered far more than the sad romance: He not only grip the hearts of women, but also unable to control her body to escape. Ex-girlfriend's name is a restricted area of love, because she is a symbol of his wounded self-esteem, no man likes to keep it around there.
The four restricted of men's psychologicalFour areas: self-confidence when the men are frustrated, self-confidence and capacity for self-affirmation of his most sensitive restricted area, no room for a single query and negative, otherwise, let him feel: the development of things than he expected to be much worse.

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