Thursday, April 9, 2009

The more cold weather, the easier it is for boys born?

The more cold weather, the easier it is for boys born?According to the British "Daily Mail" reports website: British Royal Society, "Biology Letters", said a study published in the climate of cold regions in women than in women in tropical areas it easier for boys.
University of Georgia in the United States, Dr. Christine Navarre 202 between 1997-2006 National population data were analyzed at birth. She found that the world's baby girl and baby boy born in the 100:105 ratio for the overall. However, because of the baby than the baby fragile and more vulnerable because the disease, accidents and malnutrition, premature mortality and other issues, so that they mature, the male to female ratio on the basic balance.
Navarra put infant sex ratio in the capital of the host country and its latitude, average temperature and day length changes in a comparative study. The results showed that climate, latitude and the existence of correlation between the rate of birth. Tropical countries of the baby birth rate was 48.9%, than the cold climate of the country the birth rate was 48.7 percent female. And this situation and way of life, the relationship between socio-economic situation is not much. Navarra believes that gender differences play a decisive role in proportion is the latitude changes.
In addition, there is a theory that because the baby more vulnerable to life, the northern part of the country more vulnerable boy who died due to cold and, therefore, a higher proportion of baby boy born in the country must have a role in compensation.

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