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You have to know the secret about lose weight

You have to lose weight, fight on despite repeated setbacks and perseverance. On weight loss, you have too many doubts: Why so difficult? Why is it easy to cut down easily bounce back? If you have this confusion, it is necessary to understand the secret of weight loss.
You have to know the secret about lose weightSecret 1: The location of fat is more important

What is fat? Fat is an essential nutrient the human body, our brain cells and nerve cells and hormones involved in fat needs. 1 gram of fat can produce 9 calories, and we do not have the physical effort, we can absorb the fat. Now we are trying to do is how to remove these unwanted excess material. To know that some of the location of fat is very dangerous. Near the liver and other abdominal organs in the most terrible of fat accumulation. You do not feel it, can not see it, touch it not, it can speed through the blood to the liver directly into the fatty acids, endanger the liver of insulin in the blood's ability to control, resulting in metabolic disorders induced by diabetes, terrible disease, such as high blood pressure. As women, our bodies about 40% -45% of fat, of which 5% -10% of intra-abdominal fat. We can go to specialized medical institutions to measure intra-abdominal fat, also can be through one of the most simple method to measure the self-help, that is - the volume of waist circumference. If your waist circumference more than 88 centimeters, it is considered an ultra-high risk.
You have to know the secret about lose weightSecret 2: The pressure will increase in intra-abdominal fat

You tirelessly to lose weight, your body every day for the trouble, but you do not know, in fact, the pressure will increase in intra-abdominal fat. When you feel pressure when the body produces excessive levels of hydrocortisone, which will lead to excessive hormone secretion, leading to more intra-abdominal fat accumulation in, from the appearance point of view, the whole weight stack on the waist and lower abdomen, sets as a life buoy. Therefore, when you are worried for their own body when decompression is best to think of the best and most healthy way to lose weight.
You have to know the secret about lose weightSecret 3: receiver thigh fat

Studies have shown that if you have excess abdominal fat, but at the same time you have extra thigh fat, then you can rest assured a little, because it is that your blood circulation in the thigh from the fat must learn to avoid high blood fat and arteriosclerosis, At the same time to reduce risk of heart disease. We always do not like the fullness of the thigh, but it has a role, that is, the fat tuba receiver. It can be said that in this respect, women than men have a certain advantage, about 80% of women are pear-shaped thigh is slightly thick, this woman is suffering from cardiovascular and diabetes risk of the relatively small number. Pear-shaped body does not mean that women can sit back and relax, because the advantage will disappear after menopause. Before and after menopause, estrogen levels will lead to the reduction of body fat redistribution. Therefore, when we are young, even a "small pears" and pay attention to weight control, weight gain or to wait until menopause, the risk of metabolic disorders will be significantly increased.
You have to know the secret about lose weightSecret 4: The most harmless by fat the most difficult

Studies have shown that the most harmful fat is the most easily lost, such as loss of body weight every 10%, will be able to cut 30% of intra-abdominal fat. Each diet, and they are the first to be cut of. The most harmful fat is the most difficult to cut, such as the thigh and hip fat accumulation, in order to always adhere to the final cut. It could be seen that God's love for us is far better than a blessing to our health, so the name of weight loss for health, but also easy to get him to take care of the elderly.
You have to know the secret about lose weightSecret 5: relatively more difficult to change eating habits

Experts say, if you weight 120 kg, 1 hour 10 minutes brisk walking can consume about 390 calories. But as long as eating a cream cake, the heat is back on. Or do not eat the cake? We can not do! In real life from the perspective of long-term goals, so we changed our eating habits than to develop exercise habits is even more difficult. So the best way is to appropriately increase the number of training done in the catering small adjustments.
You have to know the secret about lose weightSecret 6: frequent "on scale" do more harm than good

If you set a plan for a week by 2 kg body weight, which means that you should consume per day 1000 calories, even the experts agree that this difficult. You may wish to amend the plan, every two weeks by 1 kg weight on it. Remember, do not stare at the old weight scales, frequent "on scale" will give you the pressure caused by weight loss, which is detrimental to weight loss.
You have to know the secret about lose weightSecret 7: Sleep can help lose weight

Sleep can reduce the pressure to avoid over-eating, and maintaining a good mood. Did you know? Sleep, your metabolism continues, it can consume 15 calories, while a small, but it can not be taken lightly. Study in Japan, said the main reason leading to the body fat is to promote the growth of bone and muscle growth hormone secretion, particularly after the age of 30 years, the level of growth hormone secretion will be significantly reduced body fat will decrease the burning speed, it is difficult to maintain shape. Only the growth hormone secreted at night during sleep, especially in the 90 minutes to fall asleep after the secretion of the most productive, so the calories stored in the body can continue to burn. Therefore, adequate and appropriate amount of sleep can help to lose weight for the weight loss after 1000 do not sacrifice their sleep time.

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