Thursday, April 9, 2009

Economic crisis, five kinds of diseases come

According to Russia's "Pravda" reported the recent economic crisis is not only shrinking wallet, but will also affect health. In that case, the economic downturn which would normally cause disease, how should we prevent?
1. Gastro-intestinal disorders. Revenue, it also greatly reduced the quality of the diet. Thus, gastrointestinal diseases --- such as gastritis, gastric ulcer, pancreatitis, etc. will come soon.
Recommendations: bring their own food from home. Although these foods may not be delicious, but healthy.
2. Obesity and cardiovascular disease. A lot of man-made economic crisis cut back on their spending, and not to a fitness center. Because of lack of exercise, inevitably fat, cardiovascular disease will follow.
Recommendation: Do not neglect physical exercise! You can also take a walk every day, or insist on running, gymnastics can be doing.
3. Lung disease. In the event of economic crisis, some people will smoke more tobacco the ground. Will cause excessive smoke and lung cancer.
Proposal: If do not want to ruin their health, try to restrain ourselves from non-smoker to smoke less. Listen to expert advice, quit smoking gradually.
4. Computer disease. During the economic crisis, many people sat all night in front of the computer all day to pass time. But sooner or later will suffer from this syndrome computer: eye pain, arm numbness, back pain.
Suggestions: more attention should be paid to play computer rest. In addition, do not forget there are other leisure activity, such as look at the book, chat with friends.
5. Nervous, fear, and frustration, such as mental illness. The current crisis, it was dismissed, it was to be a pay cut, television and newspapers every day to spread a negative message about the crisis. Emotional tension can lead to insomnia, migraine headaches, high blood pressure, can cause serious and even thrombosis or stroke.
Recommends that: whatever the circumstances, we must as far as possible "to explore" the favorable factors. For example, less income, free job, and took the opportunity to lose weight, fitness. Importantly, not to be discouraged to go to find positive ways to improve the current situation.

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