Monday, April 20, 2009

Water is best to use glass

Glass, enamel cup, ceramic cup, plastic cup, stainless steel cup, iron cup, aluminum cup, paper cup ... ... When we go to malls to buy time for glass, a wide range of glass into our line of sight will be, in particular, those bright colors, unique glass is visible, go out to pick out'll be spoiled for choice.

Tell you, drinking glass should be preferred. Do not think that glass is pretty transparent in all of the glass material, the glass but the most healthy. Glass non-organic chemicals, when people used to drink water or other drinks glass when chemicals will not have to worry about was drinking into the stomach, and the glass surface is easy to clean, so people drink water with glass is the most health, the most safe. In addition, the experts also advocate the use of enamel cup, ceramic cup is due to thousands of degrees Celsius after lining made of high temperature and does not contain harmful substances such as lead, can be assured that use. However, other materials of glass, the experts questioned. Colorful glass is very pleasing, in fact in those brightly colored pigments actually enormous potential hidden, when the cup into the boiling water or acid-sheng, high alkaline beverage, these pigments in the toxic heavy metal elements such as lead easily dissolved in liquid, people drink a liquid with chemical substances, it will cause harm to humans. Plastic often has the added plasticizers, which contains a number of toxic chemicals, plastic cup with hot water or boiling water, the toxic chemicals into the water easily diluted, and the internal micro-structure of plastic a lot of cracks, which hide the dirt.

In addition, there is a family glass enormous team, that is, the propaganda business, "Magnetization Cup," "Energy Cup." Indeed, said the medical reports of magnetized water on the human body's health benefit, but not all of the magnetized water are beneficial to human health. Only negative of magnetized water in order to improve physiological function, has played the role of health care, and the cathode should not drink the magnetized water. We have seen in the market most of the magnetization Cup ordinary magnet, regardless of being negative. Therefore, magnetization in the choice of consumers when the Cup should be careful to identify, choose disk unipolar (negative) magnetization for the raw materials made of glass. "Energy Cup" in principle also to improve the function of the human body, plays the role of health care. However, many of the production currently on the market, "Energy Cup," the manufacturers did not function effectively to verify the effectiveness of the physiological and exaggerating the "Energy Cup" role, and some are even said to cure.

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