Saturday, April 4, 2009

Three-year-old boy was extremely powerful, deadly disease are caused by the original

The United States has a three-year-old boy, his strength than the same age, a lot of people want big. But doctors said the three-year-old "Hercules" is not physically superior to ordinary people. The contrary, such a result because he was suffering from very rare and dangerous disease caused by gene mutations.
CBS News reported that the United States, the Lamb three-year-old boy living in a small American town. Lamb can hold 3 kg of dumbbells and other heavy objects. Doctor said that Lamb is not "strong." The contrary, great efforts are Lamb because he was suffering from a rare muscle disease gene mutation. Gene mutations to allow patients to become abnormal muscle hypertrophy, muscle fiber increased, so that Lamb has become so abnormal "strong." This deadly disease is that mutations cause a significant impact on the heart.
Similar cases have been recorded in 2000, Germany is also a small boy suffering from the disease.

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