Monday, April 20, 2009

The food on the table cleverly partner, which can help you prevent diseases

To prevent calcium deficiency: tofu + fishTo prevent calcium deficiency: tofu + fish
Tofu fish, not only delicious, but also the prevention of osteoporosis, calcium deficiency such as rickets in children phenomenon. Because tofu contains a lot of calcium, if eating tofu, the body's absorption of calcium to be low, but fish is rich in vitamin D, eat together, we can greatly increase the absorption and utilization of calcium.
The prevention of heart attack: Apple + TeaThe prevention of heart attack: Apple + Tea
Medical researchers believe that the Netherlands, apples, onions, tea can reduce the incidence of heart disease. Because these foods contain a large number of flavonoid antioxidants, natural chemicals. Who insist on drinking 4 cups a day more than men die of heart disease can reduce the risk of 45 percent, more than to eat an apple is cut in half.
To prevent a stroke: Spinach + CarrotTo prevent a stroke: Spinach + Carrot
A U.S. study revealed that eating a certain amount of spinach and carrots, can significantly reduce the risk of stroke. This report shows a day, eat a spinach eating woman than a month, and reduce the risk of stroke by 53%; eat a carrot a day than those who do not eat will be low 68%. This is mainly due to β-carotene, which can be converted into vitamin A, cholesterol in the blood vessel wall to prevent the end product, and maintain smooth flow of cerebro-vascular, and thus prevent stroke.
The prevention of stomach cancer: folic acid + selenium yeastThe prevention of stomach cancer: folic acid + selenium yeast
British Medical experts recently announced that folic acid and selenium yeast have a role in gastric cancer prevention. A variety of green leafy vegetables, mushroom, animal liver and kidney, are folic acid and selenium elements in the "rich", may wish to eat.
A colorectal cancer prevention: cereal + vegetable + red wineA colorectal cancer prevention: cereal + vegetable + red wine
American Cancer Institute, a large-scale survey found that like to eat all kinds of grains, fresh vegetables and moderate consumption of red wine, their colorectal cancer significantly reduced the possibility of the occurrence. Red wine because aspirin contains ingredients to help reduce the risk of cancer.

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