Thursday, April 23, 2009

The health of men in underwear big mystery

Men dressed in a most "discrimination" of perhaps the underwear. In fact, the underwear may be small, but the overall situation relating to health, and occasionally Misdraw does not matter, if a long time engaged in sloppy and may give you a lot of problems or trouble.

Underwear, though small, is related to the health of the overall situation
First of all, underwear fabric is very important. One of Egypt called Shafiq, MD, 20 years after study found that fiber-type underwear may cause oligospermia men, cast a shadow of child-bearing. His research shows that wearing pure polyester underwear nearly 40% of men to 14 months significantly reduced sperm count, wear a half semi-polyester blended cotton men's underwear by about 9% to 10 months of decline in sperm count, and the wear no change in semen from cotton underwear. In addition, where changes in semen of men, mostly in the chemical fiber underwear replace 4 to 8 months after the return to normal.

The study confirmed that the polyester underwear have a temporary role in sperm production suppression. It will enhance the temperature of testicles, lower plasma hormone levels, and induce oligospermia. This is the wrong one of the adverse effects to wear underwear: cause of infertility, so that the loss of your father the right to do so. However, the issue of underwear, not only need to focus on unmarried men, Dr. Shafiq also specifically warn those men has become a father: polyester fiber fabric will be produced in the penile tissue electrostatic field, weakening a man's sexual function, and even makes you tend to cool sex.

Cotton underwear should be safe? Not necessarily. If you sweat more body fat, in particular, to drive, cotton underwear may be eczema, prickly heat stroke, such as the upper skin. Sweat-absorbent as cotton while, but not easy to dry, it might breed bacteria often, in addition to the discomfort you feel wet, but also may be manufactured in the perineal swelling, itching and other "incidents" and a telling you. Secondly, the choice must be elastic underwear moderate, or will lead to many problems. Hospital Doctor of Urology found that many men penis deformation, there are different degrees of bending. It took less frequently blamed for wearing tight underwear. Bound in tight underwear, the penis long oppressed, how can it does not bend? Furthermore, the color of underwear should be treated carefully. Some people like dark-colored underwear, but through the negligence of the color dye from the dye, dyes are set a variety of chemical substances in the hodgepodge of one, how many contain some toxicity. As for the underwear Taibai, it is possible because of over-bleaching, but also a certain risk potential, increase your margin and the crux of the risk of allergy.

Now you understand, underwear is not a small thing, charged with multiple functions, such as the protection of sexual organs, reducing the thigh outside the pants and the friction, prevent leakage, such as smell. Therefore, we must carefully choose health in the first place, followed by the comfort and style and so on. Please keep in mind, underwear men wear on the performance of self-care.

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