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Must know that most of the five food

Nutrients the body needs, but there are so five were included in the recently held 2009 in Shanghai International Expo a healthy lifestyle in the popular science knowledge of the manual. The five food are: the highest calorie food fats; the highest cholesterol food is egg-yolk; food highest calcium stone Lo; vitamin A was the highest Food and sheep liver; dietary fiber is the most fuling food.
Must know that most of the five foodThe highest thermal grease

Human daily calorie intake should be around 2000 kcal. 100 grams of fat pork is 807 kilocalories of heat, but 100 grams of cooking oil can heat to 900 kcal, so all kinds of pure type of animal or vegetable oils must be eating as much as possible. Action to promote a healthy lifestyle, the people of the "balanced diet, healthy weight," clearly put forward formula: two into less oil per day of oil to control the intake of 25 to 30 grams.
Must know that most of the five foodEgg yolk cholesterol content is the first

Cholesterol intake should be strictly controlled, the Chinese Nutrition Association recommends that daily cholesterol from food in the amount of access to more than 300 mg should not be. Common food in the highest cholesterol content of eggs yellow, contains 100 grams in 2850 mg.
Must know that most of the five foodLo is a calcium stone champion

All know that milk is the main source of calcium, but you know, food is the champion of calcium stone Lo, each 100 grams of calcium content was nearly three times the dried small shrimps.
Must know that most of the five foodSheep liver vitamin A in the most abundant

High content of vitamin A derived from two parts of the food, some food of animal origin, such as animal liver, egg yolk, etc.; the other part is derived from carotene-rich yellow-green vegetables and fruits, such as carrots, tomatoes and so on. However, in these foods rich in vitamin A, the title of the liver but also the number of sheep, Victoria A liver content was nearly 5 times.
Must know that most of the five foodMost dietary fiber fuling

Dietary fiber, known as the body's "scavenger", a high dietary fiber food is basically vegetables, dry goods and cereals rough, poria dietary fiber content in the highest content per 100 grams of celery than the high 67 times . Calorie and cholesterol content to choose low, calcium, vitamin A, dietary fiber content to choose high, the same food champion, a do adder, a subtraction to be done is to ensure that the secret of health.

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