Monday, April 13, 2009

Fashion beauty, 5 skills of slimming campaign

Consumption of excess body heat in order to achieve the purpose of slimming diet, if you can get hold of the following five tips thin movement, you can make your campaign more effective thin, so that the heat consumption to double.

1. Have a degree of relaxation of aerobic exercise.

If within half an hour of aerobic exercise have a good rhythm, strong or weak, then you can achieve a multiplier effect. Movement in the high-intensity intervals in the recovery of gentle movement to join. Is also a half-hour of aerobic exercise, which has the strength of the rhythm than the rhythm of a smooth movement of the movement more than double the calories consumed.

2. Hard one leg to ride.

When you scooter on fitness when the legs intermittently to allow a more hard Diego plate movement intensity can be enhanced. Initially, his legs can come together to moderate-intensity Diego board four minutes, and then focus on his left leg fat, and high-strength plate Diego.After 30 seconds, for his right leg as a major force legs, and then push 30 seconds. Legs together and then push to medium speed 4 minutes, as the adjustment and recovery. Every four minutes to do one leg kicking hard 1 minute, a total of 30 minutes of exercise. This single pedal his campaign can help you burn 20 percent more calories.

3. Resolution of exercise time.

Movement will be normal for two to split. For example, if you previously used to run five kilometers every day, it can be divided into morning, 2.5 kilometers, 2.5 kilometers at night. Time after exercise, you can try to increase the intensity, so that you can increase the distance between the same heat consumption.

4. Weight-bearing walking.

For security purposes, the weight of load should not exceed 20% of body weight (for example, 60 kg body weight for women, weight should not be more than twelve kilograms). If you do not like this method of weight-bearing may also be trying to shake the hands of long-rod 2. Although they weigh only 0.5 kg, but it can help you burn more than 20-25 percent of calories, and there are no side effects.

5. Pay attention to posture.

In the time machine, elliptical machine or treadmill at the gym, so that the natural arm swing, or your hands lightly supporting the handle on the equipment that allows you to burn off the calories by 10%.

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