Thursday, April 16, 2009

The first killer of sex life: impact on sexual function of electronic products

A wide range of home electronics products has become an indispensable part of life. But people in the enjoyment of modern life, but also increasingly concerned about their impact on health. MSNBC Web site United States author, television, computers, mobile phones, such as invisible as the "third party."

To television, not sex.

Earlier this year, a survey conducted by the United Kingdom so that stunned many people: half of British men that they were willing to sacrifice sex for six months to get a free 50-inch plasma TV; more 75% of men claimed that chocolate and sex in the make a choice between, and that the former is more attractive.Earlier, an Italian sexologists investigated more than 500 pairs of husband and wife, also came to similar results. He found that watching television before going to bed suitable for couples, on average twice a week of life; if watching television before going to bed a long time, and that the number of sex life will be substantially reduced. National Sleep Foundation also said that indulging in television programs is 1/4 of Americans desire a serious recession, the main reason.

All of this shows that watching television in the bedroom will be a significant reduction of interest in sex. Bedtime story, especially to see ups and downs sad or nostalgic film, television, people will be excited too emotional, filled with full television screen, would like to sit back and enjoy sexual life, it is even more difficult.

Impact on sexual function of electronic products.

Many studies have pointed out that too much human contact with electronic products, especially mobile phones, notebook computers, may affect male sperm quantity and quality to increase the fetal risk of suffering from various diseases, and even reduce the interested people. A number of medical findings also show that the longer the use of mobile phones, the number of male sperm and the lower activity. The animal experiments showed that electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones every day to withstand more than six hours mice, sperm cells mutate, will be the central nervous system depression, erectile function of men, women will suffer the loss of arousal.

The United States, the famous "answer," said research institutions, the United States 63% of the people, will also go to the toilet a long time in the use of mobile phones. 37% of Americans regularly use computers in the bedroom. A British study report has recently shown that every 10 people in the United Kingdom, there are 8 people before going to bed, such as the use of a computer or mobile phone equipment, 1 / 3 of people are used to lying in bed to send and receive SMS or e-mail;These people also said that as long as phones, computers with, and love can not exchange a long time. Sexologist has pointed out that the two countries, the use of computers and mobile phones will encourage the emergence of anxiety, too much attention to people from mobile phones or computer information, scattered on the sexual attention of people, and people lose sight of the pillow sexual desire from the bottom of my heart .

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