Monday, April 6, 2009

14-minute sex is good or bad?

When the sex of the most perfect long, how long? Pennsylvania, the United States than the Rand Institute researchers are the answer to give :7-13 minutes.
Fox News reported that this is the first time sex for a long time to carry out large-scale research. Researchers at the United States and Australia on a random survey of thousands of people and found that the substantive love (from the beginning sexual contact date) 7-13 minutes at the most appropriate. Most respondents, especially men, said more than 13 minutes substantive love, will increase fatigue, and more difficult to restore physical strength; and less than seven minutes, there will be a sense of something more to say.
It is said that the study is to understand for many people, "to perfect sex long long time and then some more" argument is nonsense. Researcher Eric • Courtney explained that sex is always about some unrealistic "assumptions."
"For instance, men have a strong on the penis, an erection must be firm, have worked tirelessly all night love, which is obviously wishful thinking 'pipe dream', however, listed as a lot of people take for granted, and even as a measure of out of of the criteria used. "This result is not the problem people have begun to worry about the performance of their own sex, with the passage of time may be induced by a series of sexual dysfunction.
Male has deliberately delayed the time of its original intention is that it hopes women can be more long-lasting pleasure, and to ensure that she can reach the commanding heights of beauty. In fact, men should understand that to let women have a lot of ways to meet the increase, change and enrich the content of the play before, substantive at love before hanging high on her appetite, which monotonous than the mechanical exercise more effective.
In addition, the male partner to have more information on sensitive body areas, gentle exercise appropriate stimulus, it can be better to arouse the desire of women to make her play more at the initiative of sex. Women and their partners should also be many exchanges of life, so as to allow each other to understand, time does not decide an important factor in the quality of sex.
Livelihood of the people are two things that only people who really care about both sides and listen to each other's needs, it will be a qualitative change.

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