Friday, April 24, 2009

Can be used to a new diagnosis of leukemia markers

Researchers at the American Association for Cancer Research annual meeting in 2009 announced that the blood of patients with a high enzyme content can be used as chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) object detection.

CLL is a kind of white people in Europe and the United States is more common in leukemia, once discovered, should be treated immediately. According to the American Cancer Society estimates that in 2008 about 15,100 cases nationwide of chronic lymphocytic leukemia new cases, including 4400 deaths.

Responsible for the study of the University of California at San Diego School of Medicine pharmacology professor Paul A Purcell said that this enzyme is known as PDE7B on the development of CLL have played an important role, perhaps as a future target for the treatment of CLL. Purcell Research Group found that a group of leukemia patients have been referred to as cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterase in the enzyme, a phosphodiesterase PDE7B levels 10 times higher than normal. PDE7B can control the cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP) levels, the chemical substances can promote programmed cell death, in the course of CLL patients are often flawed. Although the majority of cancer cells will lose control, CLL is characterized by leukocyte death should have been there but a lot. And a high level of PDE7B means to reduce the cAMP content of cells in normal and reduced mortality.

Researchers have not been treated 85 cases of CLL patients and 30 healthy adults PDE7B body to monitor the level of contrast, they PDE7B content in accordance with the level of the body will be divided into two types of subjects in order to further define the diagnosis of leukemia PDE7B significance. Purcell Research Group found that a high content of individual PDE7B there is indeed a more serious disease, relatively speaking, PDE7B is more accurate monitoring indicators. In some cases, PDE7B level can be used as a new marker. The researchers said that if a sufficiently high concentration, PDE7B alone as a diagnostic marker of CLL. When low or difficult to monitor, you can use other existing markers.

University of California San Diego Cancer Center, Thomas leukemia experts said that the discovery of the early diagnosis of leukemia and to provide the appropriate treatment of potential significance. Purcell said that their research may have for the future treatment of CLL drug target, if the scientists are able to issue the appropriate drugs to prevent the growth of this enzyme, thereby enhancing the cell cAMP content and the normal mortality rate, which will ultimately bring good news for patients with CLL.

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