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Good strong build by to eat magic food

Good strong build by  to eat magic foodAre you tired of oats, eggs, chicken breast, milk? For 5 kinds of magic you food, the same so you have a good body!
Good strong build by  to eat magic food1, liver
Liver is to know the Food and Nutrition, one of the most abundant. It contains creatine to promote muscle growth; carnitine to promote androgen secretion and fat metabolism; B vitamins involved in energy metabolism; iron enhanced the formation of myoglobin. Liver than beef fat and contain fewer calories and no carbohydrates.
Good strong build by  to eat magic food2, white bread
On white bread that is very contradictory. On the one hand, quickly digested and absorbed, resulting in increased body fat may be stored. On the other hand, the volume of muscle in the pursuit of fitness enthusiasts, the rapid consumption of absorption is useful. In the training before and after the rapid consumption of carbohydrate intake to prevent muscle break down, especially when it is time for protein intake at the same time, several tablets of white bread and non-fat cheese can be eaten with the creation of an enabling environment for muscle growth. Suggestions: fitness training in 30 minutes before eating the two one-sided double cheese, to eat after 3 or 4 double-sided jam, plus whey protein shakes.
Good strong build by  to eat magic food3, black beans
Black beans is a can of food you energetic. Compared to other beans, black beans contain more cellulose, it can effectively fill your stomach, and produce satiety, avoid excessive intake of carbohydrates. At the same time, black beans contain a complex carbohydrate structure, when in the body into energy will allow you to maintain energy throughout the day. Recommendations: twice a week to drink black beans porridge breakfast, so that the body "High" together.
Good strong build by  to eat magic food4, papaya
Do you know a woman can stand papaya, not knowing it is a very good fruit and body-building, it is rich in potassium can increase the capacity of muscle contraction. Papain digestion of proteins have a catalytic role, to improve protein absorption, retention and muscle growth. Therefore, papaya should be a place of high-protein diet. Recommendations: to eat protein every time at the same time, a small cup of papaya to eat meat in order to obtain better results by muscle.
Good strong build by  to eat magic food5, onion
Health care onions to your muscles. It against the high-intensity training as a result of harmful free radicals. Too many free radicals can cause muscle inflammation, so that the muscles in the loss of nutrients. When the onions with the other to promote muscle growth with the intake of nutrients will increase the muscle uptake of nutrients. Recommendations: strength training, can be caught in the Health and onion in food chicken sandwiches.

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