Sunday, April 5, 2009

If the job is not to one's liking, back pain will become a long recovery time

Australia completed a psychologist latest research shows that if a person is not satisfied with the work, then back pain will be a longer recovery time.
In order to assess the social and psychological factors in low back pain in the role of rehabilitation, University of Queensland researchers designed a special questionnaire to 91 Australian and 40 New Zealanders were investigated.It was found that low back pain recovery decide the length of the factors apart from the pain itself, have a number of other factors, especially psychological factors, the role can not be neglected. For instance, if a patients with low back pain think "dominate" their livelihood, their recovery will be longer than other patients. In some cases, on pain of terror or abnormal response to pain will bring more harm to the human body.
Researcher Dr. Nick Penny said, "and the bio-psycho-social" model of a combination of factors, including pain, including the understanding of human health status is critical. In the "high and the management of confusion," the office environment, or the lack of job autonomy, it will be easier to feel pain in the waist.
The researchers said that only some patients with low back pain related to psychological and social factors, the need for further diagnosis is enough to predict the length of the rehabilitation period. Therefore, in order to shorten the recovery time pain in the waist, it is necessary to relax, it is necessary to recognize the work of right and separate encounter, but also to overcome the "fear of pain" here.

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