Thursday, April 30, 2009

The women like to ailing the Six health problems

Women encountered in the total number of health problems for fear that other people know that there are so far more than the psychological burden of 12! New Jersey United States women's health experts, MD, Moore said: "The issue of most distress is the topic of toilets, which includes the all only deal with the question of toilets. And is followed by the body, such as vaginal odor and bad breath the problem. "However, silent only bring harm to women, because to deal with these issues a lot of effective ways. That women can not silence the following six health problems.

Frequent urination. Moore said: "The problems of bladder control with 17 million American women." Women suffering from urinary frequency in 1 / 3 in 35 years of age. Mayo Clinical College of Medicine United States women's health clinical consultant, said Jacqueline Thielen, MD, is a frequent diagnosis of the disease and the need to signal, or it may be you are taking certain drugs cause trouble. She said that medication, diet changes and exercise the bladder muscle can effectively improve the frequency.

Fart. Moore said, speaking with your doctor, because usually associated with eating fart can be by adjusting the diet and non-prescription drugs to treat. Mayo Clinical Medical College of Thielen said that in addition to eating beans, the use of straw to drink beverages and eat cruciferous vegetables will make fart.

Irritable bowel syndrome. The main features of this disease are abdominal pain, discomfort, as well as changes in bowel habits, such as would be rare, it has increased, diarrhea or constipation. According to the International Foundation for Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders reports of distress in patients with the disease by the total population of 10% to 15%. Thielen said that the patient may feel distress because they feel different, especially women are more willing to ailing.

Hyperhidrosis. When it comes to excessive sweating, whether the palm of your hand, or under the arms, looked on many women shy. Moore said: "When this happens, should see their doctor. There are many types of anti-sweat deodorant taking prescription drugs can, in extreme cases of botulinum toxin injection also can help you solve the sweating problem. If the special condition, or because more Khan stopped a number of normal activities, or to suppress your daily life, there are many treatment options. "

Vaginal odor. Thielen said it was infected with the signal, but not necessarily a fungal infection. "Some women's excessive use of non-prescription type of fungus cream, failed to carry out a more accurate treatment of this life with all the images or feelings will be affected. At this point the most important thing is to see a doctor."

Lack of sexual desire. Thielen said: women ashamed to mention the problem of loss of libido, but it is the signal range of issues. "Low sexual desire has a psychological, biological or social reasons, require careful analysis to identify the root causes." For example, women may bear the responsibility of caring for the elderly, the time used in this context, the physical and psychological sexual life for the few -- - This is the social causes. Low sexual desire might be depression, anxiety or poor self-image caused by the feeling - it is psychological reasons. Physiological problems, including heart disease and diabetes, certain drugs can also reduce sexual desire.

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