Friday, April 10, 2009

Male body organs of the five vulnerable

Male body organs of the five vulnerableThe first weakness: "Prostate" This is the male organ-specific.

According to the study, men over 50 years of age, about 60% of the people suffering from prostate disease. The reason is that the male steroid hormone secreted by the change in the glands around the urethra increases. Increasing pressure as the prostate has been flat, and oppression caused by bladder dysuria.Male body organs of the five vulnerableThe second weakness: "liver."

In chronic hepatitis patients, the male is 4 times that of women. The main reason is alcohol. The liver can only break down each day into 60 - 80 alcohol, more than this amount will be harmful to the liver. Other high-fat foods are also very detrimental to the liver.Male body organs of the five vulnerableThe third weakness: "rectum".

Cancer for men than women obviously. Men in general consumption of fat and protein than women, many medical studies have shown that in the absence of cellulose containing sufficient food at the same time, excessive consumption of fat and protein is the occurrence of an important cause of cancer.Male body organs of the five vulnerableThe fourth vulnerability: "stomach".

Men like drinking, smoking, drinking coffee, the men devoured the dinner table, men often overeating, however, when all men to express their protest against the stomach are attracted; stomach pain, vomiting, hematemesis, Well acid ... ... Medicine study found that the incidence of stomach men than women on average 6.2 times.Male body organs of the five vulnerableFifth weaknesses: the "heart".

According to clinical statistics, men suffering from myocardial infarction and were admitted into hospital is a woman of the 7 - 10 times. The disease was mainly due to too much fat and a large amount of smoking, alcohol, in addition, job strain, is also one of the causes of emotional problems.

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