Monday, April 27, 2009

You do not know the unspoken rules of marriage

You do not know the unspoken rules of marriage1, into the marriage, is that two people may live better than at least one person alone has improved the situation at the time, otherwise, from an economic point of view, the marriage would not be cost-effective. For example, the man has room, the woman's car, after the integration of the marriage, the two sides not only to enjoy the warmth of the house that has the convenience of the car, under the strong win-win combination.
You do not know the unspoken rules of marriage2, as if the marriage - a market perspective, the fact everyone in the chips with their hands in exchange for their own needs. Chips can be beauty, wealth, wisdom, and the demand could be the status, identity, emotion, through the marriage market, what they want the satisfaction of all.
You do not know the unspoken rules of marriage3, in English, referred to as Mad Money "eggmoney" or "pinmoney", referring to the woman who sold eggs from the money saved, or the city by a woman by her husband to the family per month in expense savings money. So, Mad Money is the first woman to prepare for so that they respond to emergencies, or in the event of marriage, unfortunately, the temporary crossing crisis.
You do not know the unspoken rules of marriage4, the money is - personal access to the premise of independence and a sense of security. Can be very difficult to say, the economy of the two completely independent, in marriage to have more sense of security. Marriage is "your" and "my", but it is "us".
You do not know the unspoken rules of marriage5, the marriage has never been a piece of blank paper, it is more like - Zhang after repeated exposure of the film. Developer, you can clearly see that clearly the old habit of secretly unspoken rules of this family in the new family traces left. - Two people running, in fact, in different families, different environment for the growth habit of the house rules and habits of the game.

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