Saturday, April 25, 2009

Summer season, what kind of sunscreen for you

The sun's getting more "strong", the shining of the sun also gives us delicate skin with the injury. Thus, the sun was put on the agenda. The face of various brands of sunscreen, you are not a "squandering To become charming eye" so confused?

There is no history of health sunscreen skin allergy. You can choose any kind of regular sunscreen brands, in general, the best water for oily skin and sun care products, such as sunscreen or suntan lotion Lu; dry skin with sunscreen and sun protection gel. Do not pay attention to a very thick coating, a layer can be coated only.

In the use of cosmetics from a few days after a small number of minor rashes or acne. This is also the health of skin, rash and will have a reason why acne is due to the chemical composition of sunscreen in the skin depth, especially the anti-water film caused by blocked pores. Such a person the best choice of the following SPF25 emulsion, which will allow the skin to breathe better and reduce pore blockage. After the use of cosmetics would be itching to start, half an hour later to return to normal. This relatively thin layer of people, vulnerable to external stimuli. Suggested that the best use of sunscreen for sensitive skin, such as anti-allergy sunscreen. In addition, the physical sun is also a good choice. The use of cosmetics Prickle immediately, and will have a rash or swelling. Usually prone to this type of contact dermatitis, so the best option is to choose children's sun protection of sunscreen formulations. Because this type of sunscreen is usually soft, too many preservatives and spices.

The use of cosmetic products will lead to dry skin after peeling. Such people should choose a pay-based Frost Preventing moisture lotion, but must be noted that, first, before the coating with sunscreen lotion base, and the other is the evening of sunscreen should be completely removed with mild water wash, and apply lotion. 12 days after the use of cosmetics would be red and swollen skin, blisters. Such persons to choose without preservatives, no perfume, skin care does not contain too many elements of a single composition, the role of a single sunscreen, of course, go out to James sunscreen, to minimize the use of peacetime.

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