Saturday, April 18, 2009

The bad something for health can not do in bed

This is mainly directed against a woman's sleep habits, but also the attention of many men!
1. Go to bed with makeup: cosmetics residues accelerated aging plug pores.
2. With sleep bra:-induced mammary tumors.
3. With ornaments sleep: vulnerable to aging skin.
4. Slightly drunk sleep: vulnerable to suffering from diseases such as heart disease and high blood pressure.
5. Before going to bed angry: cause rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, myriad thoughts.
6. Bedtime meal: food to stimulate the brain, the brain there is excitement, people will not be able to sleep safely.
7. Bedtime tea: to stimulate the central nervous system, is excited.
8. Bedtime strenuous exercise: a large nerve cells excited state, this excited in a short time will not be calmed down.
9. Pillow is too high: easily lead to "stiff neck", a long-term high pillow, easily lead to neck discomfort or humpback.
10. Occipital sleep started: with the passage of time will produce a "reflux esophagitis".
11. Hooded sleep: easy to having nightmares, wake up will feel after the dizziness, fatigue, make them apathetic.
12. Mouth breathing: easy to make the trachea, lung and rib stimulation by cold air.
13. Into the wind to sleep: easy to catch cold sick.
14. Sitting sleep: add to cerebral hypoxia, resulting in dizziness, tinnitus phenomenon.
15. By comparison, sleep: one inhalation of each other most of the exhaled gas emissions, the lack of fresh oxygen in the brain or lack of oxygen supply.
16. Bare shoulders sleep: rheumatism, arthritis, joint acid, bulging, pain.
17. Not related to electric blanket to sleep: the ability to resist bacteria and easy to lead to colds.
18. Stored sleep: the human body only needs a certain quality of sleep, sleep and more sleep is not only on health is also not helpful.
19. Sleep is not enough: to accelerate the decline of brain cells.
20. Overdraft sleep: daytime sleepiness, concentration difficulties, insomnia at night, can not sleep.

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SSQuo said...

Oh I have a strong problem with the thought that I may be breathing in someone else's emissions, so I NEVER commit that mistake. Space is crucial for me!

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