Wednesday, April 29, 2009

If the husband than the wife 15-year-old major, the most successful marriage

U.S. actor Michael Douglas and British actress Catherine Zeta - Jones, a difference of 24-year-old "Love and year-end parties," to tell people that the love before, age is not a problem. United Kingdom, "New Scientist" magazine, also confirmed this point. Reported that a recent Swedish study found that husbands older than his wife of 15 years old, the most successful marriage.

Martin Feder is a professor of sociology at the University of Vienna, but also the study leader. He and colleagues in Sweden in 2006 on the demographic data were analyzed and found that more than 90% of households are older husband than the wife. Among them, the difference between a maximum of two three-year-old, followed by 67-year-old. The study found that if the husband than the wife of great 4-6 years old, most children can be children, and the next generation of more intelligent than others, physical health. If the wife was older husband, no matter how it differs from, the number of children less. If the husband older than his wife of 15 years old, is the most successful married life.

Martin Feder pointed out that the best combination of genetic characteristics of human. "The elderly men who will be concerned about, but a certain economic base, and their marriage can have more stable life, but also avoid a lot of family disputes. In addition, in 2001, we have still to carry out the ancient tradition of nomadic a survey and found that older men more competitive, women sometimes people like this. "

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