Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The latest study shows that the benefits of eating more chocolate.

Many people love to eat chocolate, the feeling that it will bring happiness.

British researchers found eating chocolate now given a new reason: chocolate flavanols contained in the brain can help increase the computing power.

Countdown Test

Northumbria University United Kingdom brain performance and nutrition director of the Research Center David M. Kennedy and colleagues to find 30 volunteers to enable them to carry out the penultimate test.

Volunteers were randomly selected from the computer 800-999 to start any number to 3 for the last interval. Studies have shown that in drink containing 500 mg of cocoa flavanols drinks, the volunteers of the countdown to the speed and accuracy improved.

In addition, and not to drink cocoa beverages ago, even though the countdown clock for one hours, the volunteers nor the extent of their fatigue and the past.

But when the volunteers to 7 pm for the countdown interval, whether or not to drink cocoa beverages, the speed and accuracy of all or less the same. The researchers said that this is more complicated because of this countdown, part of the brain active with the 3:00 countdown also slightly different.

Enhance the mental

Kennedy held in Brighton, England Psychological Association annual meeting said that chocolate is rich in flavanols can increase the large cerebral blood flow, "difficult for those who need mental thing costs, it (chocolate) may help was on the busy. "

He said that some students like to eat chocolate review examination, it appears that they can indeed benefit.

The researchers said that the test dose used in flavanols too, man it is very difficult to obtain from the diet. However, Kennedy also said that sufficient evidence to prove that ordinary doses of flavanols can prevent functional degradation, "Do you eat vegetables rich in flavanols and the more the number of fruit in the long run more useful to the brain."

The benefits of more

Another test Emma Whiteman, said the main participants, researchers are investigating a small amount of flavanols on the impact of the brain.

The researchers recommend people eat chocolate, apples and grapes, or drink red wine, tea and cocoa flavanols added beverages. Among them, the dark chocolate content of flavanols than ordinary chocolate and milk chocolate.

Chocolate lovers this one is indeed a good news. A survey shows that despite the financial crisis hit, people tighten their belts, but the chocolate did not feel like "fever." U.S. chocolate sales are expected to be continued growth in 2011 reached 18 billion U.S. dollars.

Prior studies have shown that moderate consumption of chocolate cardiovascular benefit. U.S. experts also suggested that parents let children drink chocolate milk shake to help the treatment of anorexia nervosa.

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