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Night shifts probably carcinogenic

Night shifts may cause cancer? ! Of this argument, many people probably unheard of, but the medical profession has long been controversial for several years. Recently, there is finally this country stand up and express Recognition.Danish National Committee announced that work-related injuries, the Danish Government has decided to work at night to 37 years and more than 20 women with breast cancer the issue of compensation and to ensure long-term night shifts and to give all women suffering from breast cancer a number of job compensation. Decide the compensation for the Government of Denmark, is based on the International Cancer Research Department of the findings made. Denmark became the world's first recognized "night shifts cause cancer" and to count as "injury" of the country.
The Danish Government introduced this measure on the one vibration in the world. Analysts pointed out that other countries may provide a precedent for granting such compensation. At present, including the Netherlands, Belgium and the United Kingdom and other European countries are looking at the night job with the link between breast cancer and may provide compensation.The world's governments and employers are bound to face demands for compensation and adjust the job stress model, which allows employers should be worried about. More workers on the run, are probably more concerned about what will work at night are carcinogenic.

Department of Cancer Research International released a report "night shift" was listed as "likely to be carcinogenic" factor.
World Health Organization under the jurisdiction of the Department of International Cancer Research (IARC) in early December 2007 a study published in the report had "night work" as one of the factors that cause cancer, this is the Danish government to pay compensation to the key. IARC report was "round of night" and "anabolic steroids", "chemical lead", "diesel exhaust", etc. as a cause of human cancer risk factors Level 5 of the "likely to be carcinogenic" , second only to "asbestos" of the highest risk.
IARC spokesman said the report are for humans and animals after extensive research to make conclusions. Their long-term follow-up survey found that nurses, flight attendants often work at night and so could not be normal people sleep, the risk of breast cancer significantly higher than the normal population lives. This is because they suspect that night shifts have been made to disrupt the human circadian rhythm, resulting in "melatonin," a decrease in secretion. And "Melatonin" is an important anti-cancer effect of hormone secreted at night in general.

Multi-country study to prove the possible cancer-causing "cancer night shifts," jury is still out.
Apart from the IARC study, a number of studies also support the country late-night work is possible carcinogenic. By the United States and the United States National Cancer Institute National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences study showed that professional women need night the risk of breast cancer up to 60%. Its research also showed that men often shifts the incidence of prostate cancer is also higher than men on the day classes. Cancer Society of Finland said that in the long ago, a study of the Nordic countries, the relationship between work and cancer of the report to be published shortly, will provide more evidence that night shift work associated with breast cancer between.
In spite of this, many medical institutions and experts on the "cancer that" cautious that night the crowd to increase cancer incidence, we can not rule out other possible (carcinogens) factors. Australia's National Breast and Ovarian Cancer Center, warned that a number of studies have indicated that "at a limited number of women 20 years or more after the shift work, a slight increase in breast cancer risk," but the results of various studies are inconsistent, some of which "may exist prejudice and confusion. " American Cancer Society and at night to describe the relationship between cancer incidence, the more "uncertain", "controversial", "not confirmed" and the like.

Stay up definitely unhealthy sleep experts recommend and adjust diet.
Whether or not to work at night even though the surviving cancer controversial, but regardless of personal habits or job requirements, Stay up definitely unhealthy. Health experts pointed out that Stay up on the first objective will be to reduce the secretion of melatonin, a potential cause of human cancer cell's ability to fight decline in the risk of increased cancer incidence.Second, Stay up will be the disruption of normal biological rhythms and easy to cause neuroendocrine system dysfunction, estrogen and progesterone hormone imbalance in women's hair Hysteromyoma high, endometrial cancer, breast cancer is closely related with this. In addition, the human immunodeficiency Stay up easily so that decline in the body of the organ dysfunction, gastrointestinal dysfunction, increasing the burden on the heart, increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease, and is prone to sleep disorders, irritability and fatigue, increasing the risk of work-related accidents .
To remind the crowd of experts and often sleepless night, the night entertainment, and facing the same health risks, should be in accordance with the laws of life and work, sleep and dietary adjustments in time to avoid serious impact on health.Non-night workers should take the initiative to correct the undesirable reversal of day and night habits; regular night Stay up and the crowd should try to maintain every day for more than nine hours of sleep and turn off all lights when you sleep in order to facilitate the manufacture of melatonin, at the same time catering arrangements should be at increase on animal protein and rich in vegetable protein foods such as lean meat, fish, eggs and soy products, vegetables, etc., and added attention to vitamin A-rich foods, such as animal liver, egg, roe, etc., and enhance the body's immune force.

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