Friday, April 10, 2009

Women to 10 days before menstruation impulse shopping easy

According to the British "Daily Telegraph" reported that according to a recent study showed that women and their shopping habits of the menstrual cycle.
Hertfordshire University, UK researchers said that the vacation leave of 10 days before arrival, women are more likely to impulse shopping. Psychologists believe that the shopping spree is probably the early changes in female hormones cause the body to deal with negative feelings one way.
Researcher Professor Karen Penn told reporters: "In the luteal phase (menstrual period before), a woman to have control of fewer, more impulsive, more vulnerable to over-consumption. In fact, this consumer behavior is a woman on the nervous a kind of emotional response to the external. stress at large and easy to depression when a woman is more likely to get pleasure from shopping, put a shopping spree as a mood regulator. "
Professor Payne also said that compared with alcohol and drug abuse, a woman is through the society to feel more relaxed way of Recognition. Of course, if a woman worried that she's "out-of-control spending," then the best at the end of the menstrual cycle to avoid the day.

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