Friday, April 3, 2009

Women plump chest higher IQ

American scientists the results of a recent study showed that chest full of women than those who favor flat chest of a woman more intelligent, so we can under the bra size to determine a woman's IQ. The results of this study over the years to overthrow the men of a woman's deep-rooted prejudice.
American sociologist Ross Miss Dai Er Ai Wen 1200 in the United States women's chest and intelligence-related information contact the Comparative Study of the appeal issued. Her research results showed that the more plump the breast of a female, she will be smart. She also said: "I have to admit this. I have to wear No. A bra is. However, our results again no proof to refute the truth: women plump chest than IQ 10 points higher than the general female about. "
The researchers will take part in the survey of 1200 women that wear the bra in accordance with its size is divided into five categories: special trumpet, trumpet, medium, large and extra large. And allow them to do the same standard IQ test questions. Surprisingly, the plump breast of women in the Tests are very clever indeed, their average test scores than the "small" and "super small" 10 points higher than women.Even those "in its" Women of the average scores than the "partial Platysternon" of women who scored higher on average 3-4 hours. At present, an expert in this field but also difficult to explain why a large chest smarter women. The traditional idea that has consistently biased, chest full of women at the vulnerable groups are always playing a "simple-minded sister" role, so they mistakenly think the total of women with such contacts it easier for them to respond calmly.
Prior to this, large chest in the end women's IQ is high or low was once a mystery is difficult to speculate, there is no doubt that prejudice and misunderstanding caused by the culprit of course, those "gentlemen" are: they are large chest female contacts only when the total possible to the people, intentionally or unintentionally, the body of this prominent site on chaos cast a glance, thus ignoring the speech and deportment of women to the wisdom expressed by the sparks.Ai Wen as Rosedale Rosedale her husband, has said: "The are a big chest even if the goddess of wisdom on to you at the Einstein's theory of relativity, and your eyes stare at the real people Gogo bare low neckline, you'll also be able to carefully observe her intelligence? I think this kind of give the impression that you probably would be: oh, well this woman sexy! "

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