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The most deceptive of thin diet of 12 lies

A lot of people for health, adhere to the maxim about all kinds of diet. But you know what? Those who are no doubt people have been eating since the Monitor, in fact, full of one-sidedness are a lot of lies. Let us lose weight behind these errors into the diet lose weight on the right road.
The most deceptive of thin diet of 12 lies1, brown bread is whole wheat bread.
Brown bread is not the same as whole wheat bread, whole wheat bread, the best buy to see the logo.
Foods rich in whole grains required for a variety of the human body vitamins, minerals, cellulose, etc. After a night of people in the nutrition consumed, the body is a lack of vitamins, minerals to breakfast at a timely manner, it is a very healthy diet.
The most deceptive of thin diet of 12 lies2, slice of bread butter benefits the health of more than French fries.
People all know that heat fries instead seems more beneficial to choose a healthy slice of bread. However, in order to let the flavor of a better slice of bread, a lot of people will at times eat with butter. In fact, the slice of bread with butter and French fries than the difference between the fat content is extremely small, they contain starch, protein and minerals are also almost identical, so do not butter the bread is more beneficial than the health of French fries.
The most deceptive of thin diet of 12 lies3, the"green" fruit do not wash.
Even the "green" fruits, but also water before eating to wash carefully. Since the fruit peel on (such as strawberry, apple) parasite eggs are invisible. Eat if they do not wash, is vulnerable to the threat of disease.
The most deceptive of thin diet of 12 lies4, sweeteners contribute to weight loss.
All know that a lot of people vulnerable to becoming obese candy, so consider using sweeteners instead of sugar can help us lose weight by. However, studies have shown that some sweeteners (especially saccharin) will accelerate the secretion of insulin, the result can only be so that you are more dependent on the sugar.
Market sodium saccharin sodium are in fact, called the study Benzophenone O-sulfonyl imide. It has been the application of a century of history, is the most traditional and cheap sweetener.
The most deceptive of thin diet of 12 lies5, salad extremely beneficial to human health.
Salad contained up to 80% of the water body from the salad in the intake of nutrients is very low. Not only that, but would not be appropriate for the majority of women eat too much salad. Since both women's physique is usually cool, easy to eat too much salad metabolism caused by bad, bad blood circulation, menstruation is unfavorable, the skin is not shiny, and even wrinkles.
Japanese research and found that daily doses of 3-6g fructooligosaccharide, 3 weeks, people in the faeces of toxic levels of carcinogenic compounds can be reduced more than 40 percent.
The most deceptive of thin diet of 12 lies6, the evening will eat well is ruined good build.
In fact, only when you eat too much at night when over-fed fat. If the evening is not too much intake of calories, they will not have the problem of overweight. However, bearing in mind that eating too late, or have the habit of eating supper, will indeed increase the burden on the stomach, it is easy to cause sleep disturbance and obesity.
The most deceptive of thin diet of 12 lies7, high-calorie, butter than margarine.
Heat butter and margarine are the same. In fact, some of the heat margarine products will not only lower than ordinary butter, and the higher content of unsaturated fatty acids, more likely cause of elevated cholesterol levels in vivo.
The most deceptive of thin diet of 12 lies8, red eggs, white eggs than high nutritional value.
High or low nutritional value of eggs depends entirely on the health status of the hen and fed daily by the quality of feed, not from an egg shell color decisions.
Eggs are a nutritious food, an egg, weighing about 50 grams, 7 grams protein, 6 grams fat, 82 kcal of heat generated. Protein amino acid ratio of eggs is very suitable physiological needs of the body prone to absorption, the utilization rate of up to 98% more than a high nutritional value.
The most deceptive of thin diet of 12 lies9, tropical fruit enzymes help to thin.
In fact, the enzyme contained in tropical fruits, with the support of the function of protein digestion, the food can be better absorbed by the body, but body fat, they will not be burning out. Therefore, the weight should not rely on eating only tropical fruit to achieve.
The most deceptive of thin diet of 12 lies10, low-calorie honey help lose weight.
In fact, honey is only slightly lower than the heat no more than sugar. Nothing to lose weight and role. However, potassium, zinc and copper content, the nutritional value of honey than sugar high.
The most deceptive of thin diet of 12 lies11, easy to get fat eating potatoes.
Potatoes have a lot of people as easy to pile on the pounds of food, is not true. Potatoes contain starch, but their moisture content up to 70%, the real 20% starch content, however, also contains one of satiety can have a sense of dietary fiber, so use it to replace the staple food not only is not easy to get fat, lose weight have the effect of .The reason why potatoes are easy to get fat people as the food, simply because the traditional cooking methods improperly, such as the potatoes into French fries, potato chips. A medium-sized potatoes, French fries into the heat after the potatoes are baked 200 times. Fat is not the potato itself, but it absorbs the grease. Beef potatoes done knows that potatoes are a very strong absorption edge.
The most deceptive of thin diet of 12 lies12, raw vegetables, more health benefits.
Indeed, many more raw vegetables, health benefits, because as one of the best preserved of nutrients, especially vitamin. But not suitable for all raw vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, beans and so on.
People for their own health should eat cabbage. Nutritionist pointed out that raw cabbage diet of the best health care. We can cabbage salad, salad or juice to do.

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