Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Have to quit the 8 habit of marriage

These habits of your marriage be detrimental rather than beneficial, so hurry to kick you:
Have to quit the 8 habit of marriage1. Garrulous.

Loud chatter of the time you get a moment would only comfortable, but your partner will therefore be very dissatisfied with you.
Have to quit the 8 habit of marriage2. Complain, criticize and curse.

These acts show you that you want to belittle the lives of people with love. The shortcomings of his tolerance for the happiness of marriage is your total responsibility.
Have to quit the 8 habit of marriage3. Intimidating, rude, selfish.

These evils will only make your partner think that he (she) in your eyes is not important.
Have to quit the 8 habit of marriage4. In order to stop "the war" and to placate the passive partner.

No matter what the caller said, are to remain silent, this attitude might make at home to keep quiet a moment, but it will become as hard as you feel depressed and a strong sense of self-defense.
Have to quit the 8 habit of marriage5. Has always stressed the logic.

Life is not like its fixed orbit spacecraft. Always stressed that not only would undermine the logic of your mind, but also let your partner feel that he (she) is not important feelings.
Have to quit the 8 habit of marriage6. Whether minor or serious, only know entertainment.

Do you think the fun is it? If you do not care one way all day, refusing to focus on and the conversation partner, or your life, it makes your partner feel that you intend to close or to escape to avoid difficulties.
Have to quit the 8 habit of marriage7. Refused to talk to.

While refusing to talk to avoid argument, but if you do not want to discuss things calmly, then the relationship between you would not have any progress.
Have to quit the 8 habit of marriage8. Unilaterally make a decision.

Maybe you can decide the color of bathroom walls. However, if the major things, such as money, time, children and your family life, and your partner to a common decision, and thus we can make you even more intimate.

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