Sunday, April 5, 2009

By reading can best alleviate the effects of mood

When tired, will you do to relax? Listening to music, take a walk or a cup of tea? A British study showed that the activities of all relax, read the best alleviate the effects of mood.
Galaxy Chocolate English reading club commissioned the University of Sussex "mental laboratory," the international advisory body to undertake such a study. The results show that the best reading to relax, 6 minutes, will be able to reduce the stress level of 68%. Listening to music can ease the stress of 61 percent, a cup of tea or coffee to reduce 54%, 42% lower stroll.
British "Daily Mail" cognitive neuroscientist David Lewis quoted as saying: "the book on language can inspire people's creativity, and thus access to the other status."
Psychologists believe that when reading people's thoughts will focus on the characters into the literary world, the physical and mental tension can therefore be relaxed.
The United Kingdom in March to carry out a similar survey, useful reading in good health. Survey, more than 4,000 respondents, 63% of people that are reading in order to relax and enjoy 50% of the people reading the course of the feeling of escape from reality. In addition, 82% of people think they can read the mood to relax, more than 33% of people said that sleep helps to read before going to bed.
Well-known neurologist Susan Greenfield said: "let people read novels from the stress of everyday life in a temporary escape. Brain information at all times by 'bombing', reading is a good way to relax."

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