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Einstein's brain, scientists discovered that a rare structure

The world-famous scientist Albert EinsteinAccording to foreign media reports, the world-famous scientists in 1955 after the death of Albert Einstein, Princeton University has preserved his brain down, and slice into study 240. The latest study found that Einstein's brain, there are many parts of the parietal ridge and groove-like structure, which is extremely rare Einstein structure is likely to be different secret.

As early as 1999, scientists began to Einstein's brain for anatomical study. Interestingly, they found that Einstein's brain than to the small number of ordinary people. In this regard, the researchers explained that "perhaps one or two parameters and can not explain Einstein's super intelligent, but his brain really only 1230 grams, the weight of the brain weight was lower than the average modern man." The discovery also means that the human brain there is a need to Einstein other complex features an in-depth study, it might be important discoveries. If Einstein really belong to the lower whole brain weight, perhaps he's super-intelligence from other important characteristics. Research team in 1999 also found that Einstein's parietal lobe of the brain were wider than normal 15%. The researchers explained that these are usually associated with parietal lobe space awareness, visual awareness and the relationship between mathematical ability.

Recently, scientists have also found in Einstein's brain more specific. Florida State University scientists, the United States Dean Falk of the photos on the brain of Einstein, particularly the brain to carry out an in-depth study of parietal lobe. Falke declared that he is more lenient in some of the parietal lobe was found on a number of ridge-like protuberance and groove patterns. Falk believes that this pattern is extremely rare in the study may be the Einstein physics visualization process can be a major factor in thinking. Another falke specificity is found in Einstein's brain found in the motor cortex of a spherical protruding objects. Falk explained that the significance of spherical protruding objects. "In the other study, also found that similar processes were spherical. Usually spherical protruding objects that are considered relevant and music talent. You may know, since childhood, the very favorite Einstein playing the violin."
Structure of Einstein's brainTherefore, the scientists believe that the reason why Einstein would become a scientific genius, which he is closely related to specific brain structures, structural specificity may be more than the size of the brain important factor. Of course, the human brain is a complex organ, so far there are still many mysterious structure or principle to be scientists to be discovered. Through the study of the structure of Einstein's brain may help to further study the principles of human brain. Prior to this, researchers have been selected and 4 is similar to Einstein's death at the age of the man as a reference object, to Einstein's brain and their comparative study of the brain and found that, in addition to the number of brain cells more than normal, because of love Stan brain astrocytes relatively large protuberance, the glial cell line-end of the number of larger nerve tissue. In addition, it was discovered that Einstein's brain is normal, anything unusual in that brain of his age than with a more healthy, less signs of degradation.

The "theory of relativity," the scientist Albert Einstein died in 1955, after the death of his brain was removed, and then missing. The fate of Einstein's brain, as well as the history of this can be the most intelligent of the attractions of the brain in the end, becoming the 20th century, one of the most legendary mysteries. 50 years later, Einstein had been accused of stealing the brain pathologist Thomas Harvey of the United States the first time in an interview, a thorough exposure of the entire incident is absolutely insider. Most alarming of all is, in order to facilitate research, Einstein's brain Harvey has listed the 240 cut. In fact, the U.S. government has already learned that Einstein's brain has become a Harvey's "private property", but does not require the brain to pay out of Harvey. When Harvey the brain removed from the laboratory to prepare transcontinental when the brain is responsible for the protection of the FBI by surprise, quickly sent a secret track. Harvey did not know him from the east to the west 4000 kilometers away, the FBI agent was also tracking his 4000 kilometers.

According to the records of Harvey, Einstein's brain weight 1230 grams, which is lower than men on average, not outstanding (Prince Gaussian mathematical mind more in line with our expectations for the gifted and weighs 1492 grams, slightly higher than average ). Until 1985, the first study of Einstein's brain was available, the report by the United States University of California at Berkeley neuroscientists led by Professor Dai Meng completed. Her team tested the brain's cortex Einstein 4, representing about prefrontal and parietal upper segment, in order to control the other 11 people.

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