Sunday, April 19, 2009

Regular sex can become smart people

German scientists said the most by a healthy and regular sex life can make the body more peptide secretion.

Leadership of the study a member of the Hamburg Medical Research Werner Habermehl said he was a long time, many people mistakenly believe that sex, in addition to the physical excitement people get pleasure, the only energy consumption, and even it was suggested that regular sex would shorter life expectancy for men.Habermehl is to tell you, in fact, regular sex, whether for men or for women were very useful, it allows both men and women become more intelligent. Habermehl explained that when the husband and wife dedicated to sex, the brain will become very active, thereby increasing the secretion of adrenal hormones the amount of secretion of adrenal mass will stimulate the body to increase secretion of more peptides.

Female body in a multi-peptide can stimulate the female organ secretion in the corpus luteum, causing ovulation and promote estrogen synthesis. More importantly, the human body if the increase in the number of peptides that can significantly improve the human immune system.

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